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I grew up to this, love it so


That is sensational!! love it!!


so conflicted on this Prince stuff. he clearly never wanted the mountain of recordings he made to be heard and his estate knows that, but they’re releasing it anyway. as a pretty big fan, I think I’d rather they stay buried to honor his wishes.


I know I increasingly had mixed feelings about the insane milking of Miles Davis’ recordings in the early 00s. Money rules :confused:


yeah, and it’s 100% money driven, made clear by a recent interview with an executor of his estate.

it feels different to me than all of the Miles session box sets (I assume that’s what you mean), as they were at least recorded with the intention of being released. Prince’s perfectionism led him to record thousands of hours of music that he had no intention of releasing.


It’s completely scummy to make a buck off a dead man’s private songs.


Where have you read that they were intended to be released by Miles? I’ve never heard that, but it seems weird they were intended to be released when the edited versions were what he/they initially released. Why would he plan to release the unedited versions later? I’m interested to see your source for this. I used to be obsessed with that stuff in the late 90s/early 00s but admittedly, the insane amount of knowledge on the internet about it wasn’t what it has become, so maybe I missed this? I’m not super tuned into his stuff and new conversations about it over the last 10+ years.


Tuning the air at the office today with this one…


Bosse De Nage - Further Still
Aphex Twin - Collapse
Emma Ruth Rundle - On Dark Horses
King Vision Ultra - Pain of Mind
Norelco Mori Podcast
A Thick Mist Podcast



ok, to clarify - he didn’t intend to release it all, but knew that those recordings had the chance of being edited into the final release. they were recorded with the intention of making it onto the final release is the distinction I’m making here.


We’re playing with them in a few weeks and I’m excited!


I don’t know - if I was involved and I heard a recording this extraordinary, I think my overwhelming driving force would be wanting other people to hear it. This isn’t like a 48-track extended version of Lovesexy…

I only saw Prince live once and the thing I found most striking and wonderful was his delight in his own talent + using it to delight other people.

His attitude might well be ‘oh, I don’t think anyone would want to hear this’.

But he’d be wrong.


Regardless of whether it would be enjoyed by others, and maybe it isn’t JUST about money, I end up going back to ‘is it disrespectful to the artist to release things they didn’t want to release?’ and I keep coming to the answer: yes.


nice! we played a bunch of shows with them including some touring - great guys/band. excited to see them in Pittsburgh.

I don’t want to muck up this thread so I’ll leave it at this - this was not his attitude, at least based on interviews. he rather explicitly never wanted them to be heard by others and wanted full control (hence the actual vaults).

Leisl AuVante is a longtime Prince friend who appeared in the film “Graffiti Bridge” and several Prince videos, including “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” and “Gett Off.” She said Prince would not be happy with what the coming months could bring.

“I know the loss of control of his work would make him very upset,” she said Friday. “He worked really hard to protect his music and the rights to his music. He was a pioneer in trying to maintain those rights with the advent of the Internet. Now, who knows what kind of free-for-all it’s going to become? He would be disappointed by what’s probably going to turn into a circus.”


I think the jazz phase is starting to wane…I threw on some HUM on the drive home and it hit the spot :slight_smile:


I agree but in an ambivalent way because Kafka.


Saw this duo last saturday. Really enjoyed what they were doing. Matthew Gallagher, who runs a space in Cleveland called Research and Development, does the audio (aka Machine Listener). He performed with an octatrack, 2 rackmount FM synths (fsr-1 and tx-81z), and a waldorf blofeld. Lots of unexpected sounds and textures combining those FM synths with field recordings. Visuals were done by Frank Upson, who was doing live, hardware based manipulations of video signals from 2 cameras.

Below is the music, but they have a cd/dvd option with the visuals that I picked up.



This is in interesting discussion - not really sure what side I fall.

The literary example here is Frank Kafka, who didn’t publish much, if anything, in his lifetime and asked for it all to be destroyed. From the perspective of millions over many many years, that would have been a great shame.

‘My last request: Everything I leave behind me…in the way of diaries, manuscripts, letters (my own and others’), sketches and so on, to be burned unread.’

Not sure if Prince said anything as explicit? If not, is making the judgement that he wouldn’t want them shared similar to assuming he would? Financial motivations aside.

Should I prematurely pop my clogs, and someone wants to spend time going through my lengthy archive of substandard noodlings and selling them to the public at large, then good luck to ‘em.

Edit - I see someone got to Kafka first. Oh well.