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happy to be reminded to play that beautiful album



That track “oak” reminds me of Steve Reich’s Eight Lines. Anyhow, great track :slight_smile:


Debut album just released today… easily one of my favorite contemporary projects, one of a number of new conversations that are just beginning to happen and thus one that for the moment remains somewhat unclassifiable or difficult to fit into existing genres. The electronic parts (new to this band’s repertoire) are working especially well…

excerpts from recent interview http://brutalresonance.com/feature/exclusive-premiere-explore-the-lore-behind-nokken-the-grim-and-stream-their-debut-album


@darwingrosse interviews @tehn:



Not sure if it’s already featured here, imagine Lines members will be familiar with the original album. I’ve gotta say this (and the whole album) is pretty damn perfect:




Steve Reich LP




(Dear Tim, you had me at Gagaku…)

And, these two arrived today courtesy of Discogs:


I listened through Konoyo a couple times today and it’s quite beautiful. The gagaku sound palette fits his aesthetic perfectly; there’s a lot of moments where I can’t tell if a sound is the result of processing or the ensemble just doing their thing. & the grief over Johan feel so palpable… the titles, the trinty concept of the wind instruments, the almost strained vocal sounds at the end of “Anoyo”… Maybe I’m just projecting, but I felt it.


indie hiphop meets the moog :slight_smile: nicely interweaving Rober Moog’s voice with lofi beats

"From pop to rock to jazz to even country & western, there’s no style of music that hasn’t been graced by the Moog synthesizer. Hip hop is no stranger to this beast. Beginning in the early days of the 80’s all the way to the sounds of Dr. Dre’s G Funk to Dilla’s Detroit takeover, the Moog is well traveled. Along it’s journey, Kev Brown got acquainted with the sounds of this instrument through his own rite of passage. Who knows where the last chapter will conclude, but since Kev is far from done, he’s proud to unveil his latest experiment. "


New r beny!


You beat me to it :slight_smile:


Did you ever see Yonatan Gat with Gal Lazer? I’ve quite honestly never seen drumming like that, unreal.


Yes I saw his “classic trio” with Lazer and Sayeg once and it was definitely one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. It was incredibly inspiring to see them improv their way between riffs from Director. So much energy, I really hope that line up returns one day… Also Thor Harris didn’t end up being on that bill as advertised, but oh well.