What are you listening to?



20 characters of Mønk


excellent improvised music, involving John Tilbury (piano)


1979 is a solid ambient album for sure.


this is my favorite thing right now. the whole album, not just this track. heavy chronotrigger vibes.


I come back to this at least once a year and get so happy that they existed and helped start a little LoFi indie revolution



this has been on heavy rotation for a while now

goes well with


honestly I’ve been listening to this on and off for a month now:


I have this song in my head at least once a week. Thanks for link to the vid. Prolly been 35 years since I seen it. Also Pointer sisters are awesome.


It’s been 20+ years and this track still gives me goosebumps.


The album gets played regularlyat home since it’s release, I love it


Very autumny post modern jazz. Thanks for the tip!


Maloyan electro polyrhythms


Cropped Out (Louisville weirdo fest) was this weekend. Standouts for me: Jacqueline Kerrod/Anthony Braxton, The Web (underappreciated local legends), Equipment Pointed Ankh, and Exek. I’m sure Endless Boogie would’ve been on the list if I had stayed and @gigasturtz has assured me that Trad Gras Och Stenar were great too (another late set). Pleasant surprise of the fest was Quin Kirchner (great jazz, covered Phil Cohran!).

Sitting in a coffee shop way too early going for the total 180: Kerosene “Pulsars in Rhombus Form”.


Just digging into Tod Dockstader for the first time. Oh my god.


was home alone this weekend and therefore able to blast the bass. typically canblaster goes on first. The absurd precision of his production always brings a smile to my face.


I’ve been a bit dopey at home and just spent the whole weekend binging Vulfpeck and you can’t stop me.



I got recommended Aleksi Perälä by a friend. Into it.


Dan this is so good! :pray: thxxxx

…while singing, if memory serves! Wume is great. I’ve gotten to see them twice (including once in my friends’ living room), both times they were super tight.