What are you listening to?



new kirkis at the end of the month. new video/song is absolutely awesome as always



Releases on the 12th


link to video/song? only seeing a preorder


This seems sick m8 cheers!


Yeah I’ve had this on endless repeat for days. Glad you’re enjoying it!


so weird. i swear i watched it yesterday, when i went to get the link for my girlfriend it wasn’t there anymore.
you’ll just have to believe me, its good haha


Why did it take me 41 years of living before I heard this record



Alpes for tonight


Have the day off, rejiggering my work space for some different goals this fall and listening to EVOL and Lee Fraser.



A recent discovery. Moving and emotional: https://ariadne-music.bandcamp.com/album/stabat-mater

Another recent discovery. Deep, aggressive, based on DYI instruments: https://authorandpunisher.bandcamp.com



Junior Kimbrough.

This video just has such a cool vibe:


I love Khen. I have some great casettes I bought in Thailand in the 80’s with great Khen music.If you like it you should check out Sombat Simla. He’s a great Khen player. Cant find any good track online unfortunately.

Edit: found a song, not the best one but still:


After kind of striking out with some other Bandcamp tag searches, “Buchla” led to some treasure. I’m particularly enjoying this one this afternoon:


Been revisiting 90s Smog as of late


I love those early albums! Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:


Upcoming Peder Mannerfelt album is big! Cheesy samples, rave-y chords et al.


I unpacked a box last night with a bunch of CDs that I hadn’t seen in 10 years. Spent the morning listening to Julius Caesar and Knock Knock while running errands.