What are you listening to?



Not mine but:
donaldcrunk - Pacific Pivot

Cassette releases


I went to a show tonight and saw BEAK>. It was great.


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New Kirkis video is up now. It’s pretty great. Really looking forward to the album!


They’re my favorite band right now! really hope i get the chance to see them soon



been contemplating picking up drums again and learning how to do experimental/jazz stuff…been binging Antonio Sanchez in the meantime


Yes! I saw Beak> here in Seattle and was very thoroughly satisfied. Such a stripped down and tight performance.

I’m currently listening to this smooth beauty on repeat:


Connan Mockasin, one of my favorite weird “rock” guys, dropped a new album today that features a beautiful James Black feature and i can’t stop listening


Went to see Buke and Gase last night. In addition to weird string instruments, they have a bunch of electronic/computer stuff and played some new songs. Lots of cool vocal pitch changing and harmonizing. Arone said they have a new album in January.

They opened for Shellac who are always amazing.


I’m very happy to have contributed bass and electronics (both live processed bass and digital/analog synthesizers) to composer Tyshawn Sorey’s new album Pillars. It’s mammoth with the whole album clocking in at over 5 hours of music. I’m very interested in composers creating sound worlds like these. Autechre does it, Anthony Braxton does it, there are others. It’s something I’ll be exploring more. Listen here: https://firehouse12records.com/album/pillars



Eli Keszler is amazing, new album just came out.


This guy is great. Strangely relaxing for a drum set.




We’ve lost a lot of amazing musicians over the last decade but Jason Molina’s passing hit me the hardest for whatever reason. His melancholy felt so true.


Same here. His music already resonated with me on such a deep level, his passing gave a new meaning to his body of work. Still feel ripples


Spent the day in my woodworking shop yesterday turning the air to these new “arrivals”:

The depth in Irisarri’s sounds always draw me in. I could wax metaphorical about the impact that his music has on me but who wants to read such drivel?

Andrew Tasselmyer and Tobias Hellkvist??? Yes, a magical combination.

And, speaking of combinations…

Fak, this ones good!


Listened to the first track of Pillars this morning.
Never heard of Tyshawn Sorey before but…

Wow, felt like I was hearing something really new - for people who haven’t heard this take the time.
Incredible sounds, some of the names I recognized from Mary Halvorsen, but this stuff was more like channelling Sun Ra and Miles Davis with a real modern clarity and the fantastic recording fx were great. Subtle but effective.
I loved some of the panning that occurred with instruments as they added and flowed. All of it had the improvised feeling but there was also a clear path and structure.
Good stuff.


listening through unwound’s full discography, and this record absolutely slaps.

the three song run from ‘valentine card’ to ‘were, are and was or is’ is so so good. the dynamic sensibility that this band had even this early on in their career is kind of astounding (see: ‘kantina’).