What are you listening to?



this over this over this

turn down the volumes on the keszler track a bit. magical.


always loved the minimalist droney vibe of this recording



Well, I don’t know how to integrate bandcamp stylishly as you do so I’ll just give a Old School Link. I find it gorgeous !



I’m only one Pillar in so far but it sounds great! Totally agree about soundworlds and it’s amazing how much momentum the first piece seems to have, even with all the improvisation and left turns.


I’m super fascinated by slowed down vocals, especially those originally in higher registers which then become a sort of baritone, and this is a whole album using such a technique throughout. I’m still on my first listen, but I like “Mexico” and “Gentleman” most so far:




It’s been four years since the last full-length I’m so excited!


Duster “stratosphere”


Currently listening to the full catalog of speculations editions


linking eli’s full album, it’s great:


Yeah, definitely curious to hear this new one. Played with him once a few years ago and it was super compelling. I’m always nervous about solo percussion for some reason. Maybe my ear/mind is opening up? Or he just broke through that barrier :slight_smile:


you guys, Yasutaka Nakata (the producer) drops THE REVERB out in the first 16 bars to build anticipation for the verse, I’m a sucker for slick production tricks and … he always delivers



Thanks for the link. He also played on David Grubbs’ last guitar rock album, titled “prismrose” - it’s a good match-up


from reddit :slight_smile:

Khruangbin influences on Dern Kala

So I saw Khruangbin in Dallas not too long ago and while they were playing “Kern Dala,” I kinda recognized the sound. At the 1:30ish mark, there’s a riff that I think is heavily based or “quoting” Geto Boy’s “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” which samples Issac Hayes’s “Hung up on my baby.” It sounds really similar, and I think it’d be pretty damn cool if it was on purpose, cuz Geto Boys are from Houston.

What do y’all thing?

Here’s the link to both songs. The riff that I’m talking about on the Issac Hayes song is at around 30 second mark.https://www.whosampled.com/sample/1169/Geto-Boys-Mind-Playing-Tricks-on-Me-Isaac-Hayes-Hung-Up-on-My-Baby/


Marko from Khruangbin here.

I play that exact phrase in the live version of “Dern Kala” both as a wink to our folks who grew up listening to Isaac Hayes, and as a shout-out to where we’re from. We also reference Isaac Hayes “Walk on By” on the vocal parts for “Mr White”. He’s been a huge influence on what we do.

I’m glad that you caught that! You are why we play these songs.


Can’t stop listening to this:

And the original source of the voice (Ziggurat)