What are you listening to?



forgot how good this is, from 1980, one of the absolute pillars of ambient music.

David Parsons – Sounds of the Mothership (1980)

also a very simple lesson, no matter one’s gear or knowledge of music theory, the absolutely most important principle is that the music matters in the sense that it MUST be produced, there is something the artist sees and then at all cost must realize using whatever is at hand, whatever they have learned up to this point, and they end up redefining what the theory is and what the equipment can be. this for me is such a release. revisiting such material is an occasion for me to press the reset button and recover that original but fleeting moment of inspiration where anything can be possible again.

likewise, a few more favorites from around the same time:

Geoffrey Chandler – Starscapes (1980)

Ariel Kalma - Interfrequence (1980)

Don Slepian - Sea of Bliss (1980)






New Low. Can’t get enough.


Whoa – my wife is currently teaching an arts reviewing course at Suffolk, and she just covered music reviewing this week. She independently searched for recent modern composition/jazz releases to present to her students, found Pillars, and used an excerpt in her class last night! Despite it (and most things) being outside of their comfort zone, I’m told they dug it :slight_smile:


truely wonderful records!


Every few months, this song drops back into repeat:


I listen to this album every day. Not always the whole way through (that’s track 2 you posted), depends how long it takes my 2 year old to fall asleep! Seems to work. I guess he now associates it with going to sleep.

I listened to the 8 hour overnight live version Max did on BBC Radio 3, although I guess I was kinda asleep for much of it. It felt like a cool thing/event to be part of though.






I am listening to artists on the Antinote label


Great read about a great album, thanks for the link!


Eclectic mix.


A fantastic work, all of it.


amazing new (this past summer) electro-acoustic album from kenji kihara