What are you listening to?





this is sooooo much what i’m feeling right now… unfortunate they didn’t continue with this folkier side on later albums as so few have blended folk and electronics so expertly…


Feeling like I might be a bit late to the party, but I’m loving the vibe of these guys


i love that record. shawn everett is a genius engineer.


Going back to the 90s for Lycia’s best album (IMHO).


…and a little further back.




cool, I think I never got around to this one, it’s later than what I have… I have to go back through my 90’s CD collection. I think the very best of that (projekt) scene was a tape by Sam Rosenthal prior to his releases as “black tape for a blue girl” which would have been the very early 80’s. Have to go back and open some boxes :wink:


Besides Lycia, I was big into lovesliescrushing and Love Spirals Downwards from around then.

Faith & the Muse was on a couple of Projekt compilations too, which is how I got into them :slight_smile:


awesome band!! wonder what they are doing now …



To the Sea…!


One of my favourite ambient type acts for while now has been Pausal. I’ve seen them a few times or so and they’ve done quite a bit of stuff, including a new album called Volume Flow, but this old one is a favourite of mine, plus it has a video:


: D


As a full-time unpaid house-dad who doesn’t have much money to spend on music (:violin::sob::violin:…), I often listen to online radio stations and here are my two favorites:

Late Junction - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006tp52/episodes/player
This is a nighttime show on BBC Radio 3 that is really varied and quite experimental. There are usually 12 episodes in the bank that you can listen to at any one time. I have a really old Android phone plugged into my hi-fi with the BBC Radio Player App installed and it will play all the episodes back to back. (Oh will people outside the UK be able to listen to these?)

Fluid Radio -http://www.fluid-radio.co.uk/2009/07/channel-1/
This is one of your standard Internet Radio stations that just plays continually. It’s kind of post-classical, ambient, fairly introspective sort of stuff with no beats. I can’t listen to this all the time, but it’s really good in bursts here and there. Recently found out the guy that broadcasts this lives just down the road from me, which is kind of weird.


Simply the best, better than all the rest


i’m sorry does teenage me know you from somewhere


Newish Rostam.

I love it all, the mandolin, that deep bass synth, the vocals, the violin. Everything seemingly disparate working together.


who knows, if either of you were in LA at the time perhaps we did all know each other :wink: