What are you listening to?



~deeeeeaaaaaath by drowning / in your owwnnn anaaaaaaaalyyyyyyssissssss~

(I totally got into math rock first, so the Discipline album has been a really fun backfilling exercise in, like, “oh THAT’S why they do it like that”)


Love this score so much.


it’s out


I’ve been really enjoying Rhucle’s blend of ambient soundscapes and field recordings over the past year. His latest tape has been really great for just sitting quietly and thinking about stuff. :slight_smile:


These guys were always in my peripheral back in the day, but I keep coming back to their new album every time I hear a new cut off it.

Also +1 to the Project label in the mid 90’s. When grunge killed shoegaze that is where I went to hide.


one of the most celebrated rock songwriters of the early 2ks had a short-lived techno project involving a premature ego crisis, premonitions of instagram, and a whole lotta FM.


new Kirkis has me going back to fellow Melbourne band Total Control


One of my faves of the year so far. Does something pretty novel with a ‘song’ and I find it really affecting. One of those singles I don’t listen to all that often because I don’t want it to get old.

My wife’s taken to cranking it loud if we’re driving long distances and it makes familliar views feel foreign. :+1:


I’ve been listening to a bunch of chart pop recently and was amused that Aussie singer Troye Sivan has gone straight from a collab with Charli XCX to one with Sigur Rós’s front man.
Might appeal if you can stand Sufjan Stevens or someone. Or if you liked weepy pop ballads in the late 80s. Haha.


oooooooh wild, listening now!

Also omg your post just reminded me I owe you some suggestions… soon!


More typical Sivan song:


“Keszler is often mistaken for an electronic musician, but in fact his sounds are raw and natural, produced by hand live in-situ. His performance with the drumset and acoustic percussion are central to his work. He produces almost impossible textures through self-realized methodologies: cascading melodies, a shadow of voices, and a unique pointillistic materiality. Although playing with the intensity of digitally-created music, his communications are done live with no processing.”

Great that he can play synth chords and flutes on a drumset and acoustic percussion. :thinking:

Liking the music a lot, anyway.



might just be my favorite yorke solo song yet, im stunned


Love this live performance of it as well. Looks like he is using a MN black and gold system which is cool to see!


Really excited to hear Glowworm has new music coming soon. Lovely track popped up on Spotify. Would recommend listening with the fire on, hot chocolate in hand, under a blanket!



Maggi Payne’s music destroys. I also recommend Arctic Winds.


Looks like I’ve been ripping off Laurie Spiegel and didn’t even realize it.
Damn, this record is cool.


Loooooooove this album! Especially that first track