What are you listening to?



Have been with that video on loop all day long. He makes everything so easy that it hurts…



20 chars of yesssssssssssssssssssss.




19-track version for sale over here:

Drums is the track that blew me away for how contemporary it sounded

Edit: this rework / remix by the main guy from the Junior Boys divided folks, but I like it.



Iridescent by Heinali, found this listening to Resonance FM, beautiful suite of electronic tunes, highly recommend !


Slowly working my way through this record’s nearly-seven-hour runtime.


Yes, this is a great one to throw down when you want to either confuse the crowd, or find out who is over 35, or both.


not a hans zimmer fan and the movie is atrocious. but this track is pretty spectacular.


wow, that resonates :slightly_smiling_face:







For me, Hans Zimmer saves himself by being part of Krisma; e.g. https://www.discogs.com/Krisma-Cathode-Mamma/release/330015

On the other hand, he obviously wasn’t the creative force. Their best album, Clandestine Anticipation (1982), didn’t involve him at all; it was just the duo.

Just cool that Zimmer was involved in some way.

But yeah, Zimmer as he is generally known for his film work and impossibly large gear collection doesn’t do much for me.


“ooooh, bit of a dodgy question there!”


i think this is what he will be remembered for.