What are you listening to?





fall means The Microphones “The Glow, Pt. 2” for me


probably not the best album cover to post with the new night mode option (thank you all involved for that!), but this has been my soundtrack today


Some spacey, proggy death metal from the best year in death metal, 1993


I really love this album - heaps of its own character imo.

I’ve been listening to this Ambarchi collab maybe every week, found via this thread in September: (thanks @robbbiecloset)



Just released Vol II of my new trilogy.


wonderful 1980 album featuring mostly PPG 360… i know there was so much great music in this scene/period but this one still stands out, it really takes you on a journey…





Been very into this the past few days.


Recently in my relatively conscribed web adventuring, I discovered some recordings by an artist who goes by “Tungsten Mountain.”

Since much of my time is spent on lines these days, I suspect it was in here that I found this artist, but I can’t seem to locate where.

Does anyone know anything about this person? I am really enjoying his work (I seem to remember that it was a “he” - I’m not being gender-ish in my assumptions…)


RIYL 4Hero


wow kaidi tatham! thanks for this. hadn’t heard any “broken beat” etc in years. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just discovered Dego from 4Hero has a label and this is a recent release! (It’s really really good.)


I found Benoit Pioulard’s music last night as chill-out music after listening to the new The Prodigy album (which I also enjoyed quite a bit), but I feel like this album stole the show. Very relaxing, and very emotive.

Also, seconding the shout-out to @lettersonsounds for bringing up Kaidi Tatham, because Broken Beat is way cool and completely new to me. :slight_smile:


another “giving voice to things long held inside…”


one of the albums I’ve been listening to the most this year
absolutely crazy for the sonic world they built with this one


I come back to this record probably yearly… It’s really stood the test of time for me. Beyond beautiful sonically, the mellowest of mellows.