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One of my favorites. @nattog


This feels like an ambient exploration of a lot of the ideas in Sparks’ No. 1 in Heaven record to me. Really enjoying it!


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I’m very much into Arca. Video is a bit NSFW, he really likes to show us his butt. It seems he produces for Björk, Kayne and others but this solo stuff is wild. Also lol, Youtube really wants me to listen to Grimes when I load up any URL with heavy synths on it.


Love that Sparks… I do remember a time they were played (very occasionally) on the radio in the US. But I can’t for the life of me recall which songs. Same thing with Bill Nelson. Some artists just disappear for no good reason. They fade but the hipsters don’t rediscover them. Too oblique, maybe even too un-characteristic of their time to be retro-cool. You kind of feel the loss of something but can’t recall enough to fill the void.


I discovered Sparks because angst in my pants was used in a commercial. I was intrigued and looked it up–sparked (pun not intended) a pretty deep dive on the band! Their early discography (first three records especially) is really good. No. 1 in Heaven is a bit of weird twist of their discography that I love. A lot of their modern output is not my thing, but props on them for keeping going and changing instead of just making the same record over and over again.

Around the same time I got super into them, a local record store started a series where they dubbed bootleg tapes of artists regulars were into that were meant to be used as an introduction to them. Here’s mine for Sparks:


Cool. No.1 was a product of their working with Giorgio Moroder when he was still at his creative peak, . It still has more of a stripped-down sound, but has a lot of his touch (when you worked with him you gave up most of the control – writing, recording, everything.) Let’s see … my favorite Moroder related work is the last three tracks on Donna Summer’s Bad Girls (Our Love-Lucky-Sunset People… they are all kind of mixed together). That was also 1979 so I guess Sparks was lucky to work with him when he was at his very best.


Thanks for posting this. I had not been aware of it before. Really nice…

It reminds me somewhat of the re:ecm recording by RICARDO VILLALOBOS, MAX LODERBAUER



Just gave the latest Vince Staples a listen. It was good but I think i prefer the production on Big Fish Theory, which really hit a sweet spot for me.


Cheers for that one! Never heard it before, great textures!


r.ashley 'The collaborative aspect of Music with Roots in the Aether is in the theater of the interviews…

:slight_smile: so, the shoes, bouquet, and beer can are all a part of the 'piece -nice
cool interview about music and/or consciousness with p. oliveros -thx



Working on a playlist with songs that are very spacial. thought others might like it. open for recommendations to add to it.

  • instrumental
  • Meditative
  • Ambient
  • Minimalism
  • Cinematic
  • Slow Burner
  • Visual

Good for while at work or chilling.



been listening to this almost daily.


You may like Eleh as well (in case you don’t know)


Thanks for this, I heard about Eleh years ago before I was really into this kind of stuff. It’s great to rediscover now.