What are you listening to?



This is so lovely:

(esp 22:00 onwards - - - )


Revisiting this album - I enjoyed it quite a bit when it came out. Lots of beauty on this one.


Hi. Im new here and have been lurking for a bit. I figure posting this fantastic new Francis Harris mix is good enough for a first post.

btw are soundcloud embeds allowed?


The best.


The new Jogging House EP has been really relaxing the last couple days, thanks Boris :hugs:


Didn’t care for Sun Pandämonium(a bit too noisy for my tastes), but Hecker “PV Tracks” is one favorites atm. There will never be enough of this type of stuff when done right.



You’re so very welcome. Glad you enjoy it!


interesting mix of styles, a wistful, melancholic and spacey/ambient texture, quite an emphasis on the contemplative actually, somewhat unusually for this genre. an excellent example of the type of crossover happening in 2018.





ps this one is highly recommended too


you should join us! \m/ lines metalheads \m/


thanks for the introduction to what appears to be quite a significant label! I remember Jefre Cantu-Ledesma from years ago but have to catch up on the rest… very interesting concepts also… oh and also see the Tomiko Sauvage which was recommended to me recently on the “elemental instruments” thread


Taking a break from usual diet of death metal and listening to a lot of old drum and bass, particularly from metalheadz. This was the hot electronic genre back when I was in high school but it doesn’t get much love these days.


one of the best things ever.


Dead Can Dance - Dionysus

…what a great new album.


wow, I didn’t even realize they were still around, lost track over 20 years. Samples sound great indeed, I must get this.

I bought Within the Realm of A Dying Sun almost when it was new, when I was 14 years old I believe. Was one of my favorite albums for many years. Aion another fave.

One thing I didn’t “get” first time around with the old stuff is how influenced Brendan Perry was by Scott Walker especially the 1960’s albums like “Scott 3”.



Kelly Moran’s new album “Ultraviolet”. Never heard of her before Warp sent a promo mail for her new album. Love it!