What are you listening to?



Great to here these guys again:


New Panda Bear is pretty great


New album from John Hughes (III) aka Slicker, Hefty Records label boss, etc. as part of a duo. He has apparently has gone down the modular rabbit hole. :slight_smile: I remember listening to the first Slicker record in a London record shop in 1999 and it’s cool to hear what he’s up to ~20 years on.

Also Mattheis’s Thin Sections. Bright arpeggiating synth stuff, that occasionally gets the chuggy beats going. Puts me in mind of kosmische stuff (Schulze and the other ex-Tangerine Dream bods around the end of the 70s), though I’ll be honest I never investigated that world much.


This one, along with Would, are great for calm / relaxation. Finding myself returning to them often. Nice (warm, light touch), repetitive, and spare.


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genius :slight_smile:
our humble track
about similar issues, i think…


I actually wasn’t sure Lisa Gerard was on it because it’s in such a different style. I think I need to listen to it a few more times, but Aion, Into the Labyrinth and Toward the Within will probably remain my favorites :slight_smile:


A record plays a song in space…

Poetic and lovely to listen here,now




It’s definitely more in line with certain pagan/tribal/festival musics like Wardruna and Omnia; although DCD distinguish themselves with the middle eastern melodies. So regardless of how good it is musically (I like it so far, question is will I get tired of it…), I’m glad they’re trying to reach this new audience. It’s not like the classic albums disappeared :wink:


8 years on hiatus Robyn drops a beautiful dance record and I can barely keep it together


Autechre, Zoviet France, Monos, and a bit of Kassem Mosse since I saw something about a new duo called Kolorit with Lowtec releasing an album recently. :slight_smile:


I love a good torch song, and the shoegaze touches are brilliant


Stumbled upon this crazy Jim O’Rourke performance video today.


Taeko Ohnuki ‘Labyrinth’ (Ryuichi Sakamoto arrangement. Haruomi Hosono in there too)

only heard this for the first time last year and it’s such a jam - one of those that pops into my mind regularly and makes me smile.


Hosono is such a genius. His 1980’s material seems more relevant than before, especially in relation to James Ferraro.

In terms of pop stuff, one of my favorites from the period, and what came immediately to mind after your post is Hiroyuki Namba’s Tropical Exposition. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a credit for Hosono, it seems Namba produced this on his own but the style owes quite a lot.

I think my favorite Hosono-related project is Soichiro Suzuki’s electronic/folk project, World Standard, but it’s really in a genre of its own. This from 1985: produced by Hosono:

Something also really influencing me lately.

Thanks so much for sharing this and expanding my own knowledge, it seems one can never run out of interesting work from this period!


Damn! that Namba is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

It’s great to see Hosono getting more recognition/exposure with all of the (70s focused) reissues too.

I admit that I listened to Mac DeMarco for the first time cause he was frequently name-checking Hosono…(and actually now really like Mac…)


Following up on World Standard and Hosono’s influence in general, the only one of these types of releases outside Japan in the early 80’s that comes to mind (“digital folk” or whatever you want to call it) is Pyrolator Wunderland from 1984. Another thing I’ve been listening to a lot. It’s “as if” Hosono were in the room, but he wasn’t, this is all Kurt Dahlke. Obviously, my knowledge is not complete there may be some obvious stuff I’m missing. Mark Mothersbaugh solo maybe, but I thought that came a bit later. I’m having a moment with this stuff for some reason.



I loved that! Thank you!