What are you listening to?



Loved that Ohnuki track!
My favourite Hosono productions would be on the Testpattern Apres Midi LP. Souvenir Glace is such a soft, charming track.

This, albeit a remix, is one of my favourite 90s productions - huge over a good soundsystem.



I picked up the remastered/expanded Ursula Bogner collection yesterday and am really enjoying it.




Dove into Unseen Worlds’ newest Carl Stone comp, and the second piece, Sonali has been blowing my mind since the weekend.

All music on this recording was made using a Macintosh personal computer, Prophet 2002 sampler and Yamaha TX 816 synthesizer. While these are studio recordings, they are made without any editing or overdubbing and therefore accurately reflect my live performances during the period 1987-1989.


I’ve just recently become hooked on Slapp Happy. It’s sat in my library just waiting for the right time to hit me, and that time has come. This track is so great.


One of my all time favorite composers, Toru Takemitsu. Originally composed for Voice and Piano, here arranged for Classical Guitar by the extraordinary Shin-Ichi Fukuda.


I had never heard this before today. It’s beautiful. Thank you.


I am in love with this:


I recently discovered Toru Takemitsu via this record.
Complete Solo Works for Guitar as played by Shin-ichi Fukuda.
I had not heard that piece before, thank you for posting it.

Here is a nice version of Equinox.
Played by Graham Banfield.


That record is absolutely fantastic and glad you liked the track, it’s quite a rare gem!
Funny, I was just watching that rendition of Equinox last night, a very good performance as well as recording.

If you’d like to delve deeper into Takemitsu and his orchestral works which he’s probably more known for then his works for solo guitar, this would be a great place to start:



today, in need of some impossibly cheerful


This is probably my favorite side of a record ever. Unfathomably gorgeous


a really great cover of a Drake song I’ve been digging lately :sweat_smile:



the new wume album is a beautiful combination of krautrock and electronics - so good


Clams Casino instrumental mix tapes


I was already digging it and then the taiko began :heart_eyes:

(I recognized parts of two Kodo songs. “Zoku” for sure, which has been taught to other groups and is kind of unofficially in the common repertoire, and then another one whose name currently escapes me.)


I’m listening to CC right now too, good late morning vibes :+1: