What are you listening to?



Reminds me (happily!) of the krauty comeback stuff at the turn of the century, from what I’ve listened to so far. Nice. Specifically Kreidler’s The Appearance and The Park.


tribute to Mika Vainio


This jam by Luke Killen is absolutely killer. Very nice to see people go beyond the typical ‘YT generative ambient with a random object in view’ music.





I don’t see how it’s all that different than an ann annie video, or an r beny video, except here we’re treated to a 20-minute static shot of some coveted gear (look! it’s a Cirklon!) in action. Granted, it’s a well-programmed (and well-recorded) series of pleasant, Afx-lite -like patterns, and not a “typical” ambient patch. There are nice transitions, but the progression of the patterns doesn’t really build into anything interesting or cumulatively rewarding. It’s just kind of flossing, coasting along. Those hi-hat patterns are cool.

It’d be just as effective if it were streaming on Soundcloud, imo


His (much more downbeat) album from last year has plenty of progression and good times, imo.



I wasn’t actually referring to them. Rather to the countless other YT-videos (do a ‘ambient modular’ search on YT). It’s oversaturated.

Although I must admit I’ve reached a point where I feel Ann Annie & R Beny’s 2018 output is stuck in a circle of reinterpretation of their previous work rather than an attempt to elevate the signature sounds by fleshing it out and exploring new directions.

But please do not intrepid this as me calling it bad, etc . It is still very good music and they are very talented, but just pointing out that I personally wish that it would go beyond what has already been established.

To stay on topic: currently listening to this classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i524g6JMkwI




Objekt - Cocoon Crush


almost daily (at bedtime) … favorite O’Rourke piece since “and and a 1, 2, 3, 4” and Indeed, with Oren Ambarchi. Could anyone could recommend a Steamroom release?



Good one!
It’s tough to wade through all his releases


Agreed. I’ve skimmed lots but 40 is lovely and seemed a likely companion to “Sleep…”


Here are three favorites. The last is the soundtrack to The Creeping Garden, a documentary about slime mold that is well-worth your time. :smiley:


one of my favorite Lp’s


thanks for sharing


so cool, thank you :slight_smile:

inspired by 'the blues (muddy waters)
because the band is basically playing 'a loop
no bridge, no change (maybe a tag at the end)
…me and john heard played for 1/2 hr, and then I made a loop
laura sang two passes of vocals, and then I edited a vocal track

later, we used the same process to make 'human nature ep
me and sam dylan played for 1/2 hr, and then I made a loop
laura sang two passes of vocals, and then I edited a vocal track
it’s 'electronic music!