What are you listening to?



another super-nostalgia trip (this not only holds up, but sounds even better today than i remember 25 years ago…damn)


wonderful… this dropped today (my obsessive bandcamp-checking sometimes pays off)

so far I like the more melancholic, contemplative approach… endearingly provocative in a james ferraro way as I still presume all of this is based off sample libraries… (still trying to process my impressions, it’s difficult to “review” something the day of release…)

anyway, very preliminary impression – interesting, but not really an absolute classic like III from 2017… the limited instrumentation maybe does it in a little bit… keep waiting for the frame drums and recorders to come in, but they never do… still always glad to be surprised by a release from a project that does not release very often.

[now if we could have an algorithmic but still fully embodied medieval folk music, that would be an interesting next step…]


This is absolutely breathtaking, powerful and affecting. I’ve had it on nonstop repeat since I discovered it yesterday.



This has been blowing my mind!


gorgeous sound work. found here on this forum


The concert in Aoyama last week was extraordinary, it will remain one of my most cherished concert memories!


The Dream My Bones Dream by Eiko Ishibashi



The scores from Diablo II (both the original release and the expansion), and from Total Annihilation, I think are unmatched among game music.

Though for a completely different experience there’s always…




That first Instrumental Mixtape is now old enough to give me a nostalgia kick, so I’m pretty grumpy at the soundcloud ad that played right after “Realest Alive.”


I’m checkout out The Bureau, a not-quite-alternate-reality political tale told in comic panels and electronic music. Features modular, Lyra-8, other sources.

There are actually 4 episodes thus far. It’s interesting going, though I more listening than looking at the comic.





:raised_hands:t4: I Love that LP :raised_hands:t4: