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that sounds like a variation on “Sleep like it’s Winter” …it looks like a pleasant environment. a friend and I traveled to SF (to the Filmore theater), in 1998, to see Sonic Youth on their A Thousand Leaves tour. There was this warm, welcoming drone going on, right as we arrived–it was Jim O’Rourke, he was playing an ambient, vocal-less version of “Prelude to 110 or 220 / Women of the World” – we had no idea he was opening for SY. It was so pleasant -sounding, very calming and serene. It appeared that he had some kind of modular setup (I recall thinking it was related to Oval), but we were far from the stage and it was a while ago.


The concert was sold out and we didn’t have tickets so we got there early in case someone would sell us theirs. O’Rourke was standing outside. We started talking and I told him how much I loved a performance he did in the Louvre where he live soundtracked the silent masterpiece “He who gets slapped”. When he found out we were after tickets he sorted it out. It was a wonderful evening.


Heart of Snake:



Lovely! Reminds me a little of that Daniel Lanois record from a couple of years back.

I’m still listening to that Mattheis album I linked to last in this topic.


reminds me to Bernhard Günter - Crossing the River ( Night Music )






from the Ed Banger 15 years orchestral concert…admittedly kind of initially listened for a laugh, but there are some really great interpretations and this moment of blending Para One’s “Elevation” and Myd’s “The Sun” (two jams on their own) sounds so great to me.



strange but good


extremely intense record of woodwind/pedal steel




Oval…just discovered :heart_eyes:


goddamn this new one!


One of my favorites. They also sung on some Kate Bush songs (e.g., Never Be Mine).


Today is this: