What are you listening to?



Dang, I didn’t even realize there was a 41 ha. Sweet!


Curtis Mayfield-gotta find a way longplayer :facepunch:t5:


I really enjoyed listening to the most recent Sound + process episode and I really really enjoyed listening to the song from Joshua Andrew.
Please step forward, Joshua Andrew. I need more of that ear candy.




new Nils! full album of All Melody b-sides sorta thing coming out January


recently discovered louis cole, so good.


This just arrived from Metamkine. Very reasonably priced too. Glad to have a little booklet to examine. Know and love a lot of this work, but it’s nice to have it all in one place :slight_smile:


This is in my life now and I’m glad! :+1:


put this on last night, after sort of forgetting about the CD… still unopened, wrapped in plastic. I really like Public Strain, by the band Women, and had been craving more music like it. This first album (Viet Cong s/t), by the band now called Preoccupations, is great, all the way through.

also, this:



hopefully recent material that represents a new direction… rather than an old unreleased tape… but this does appear to be the case.


did you hear his new album?



Just got a package of a new Eric Dolphy 3LP (with unreleased jams!), the three Transversales reissues (2 Parmegiani and 1 Bayle) - https://transversales.bandcamp.com/ - and the Rzewski “Attica, Coming Together” reissue. I think I need to take a break until the new year :slight_smile:



“Time”? Yes, so good. I have listened to this so many times that my five-year-old daughter is super into it now and knows a ton of the words. For better or worse.


More pedal steel ambience, this time a duo called Saariselka. This label (Longform Editions - guess their M.O. :slight_smile: ) is looking pretty good.


siiiiiiiick. thank you for sharing.