What are you listening to?



going on a new age only diet for a lil while





recently i realized the spotify weekly personal mixes they send me are incredibly spot on. great stuff much that i’d forgotten about or may not otherwise hear but very on topic to my interest almost without fail.


Ordered a microphone from LOM and then checked some of their releases as well - this latest one I enjoyed a lot.


Ah! I was thinking of “TranceMission” some time back and couldn’t think of the title or who did it. I nearly bought a flute from him and bought the tape instead, which was some time in the mid-80s at a ren faire.


Awesome, I still can’t get enough of this stuff. Have you heard Daniel Schmidt – In My Arms, Many Flowers?


I discovered this record a while back because it autoplayed after something on youtube and I think even posted it here. Circuitously through the amazing Sarah Davachi record released earlier this year on it, I started looking into the label that has (re?)-pressed it (Recital) and have fallen in love with a lot of their stuff. They seem to focus on composer-y music with a lot of emotion in it, as opposed to the more sterile/intellectual stuff that’s not personally my thing.

The label head, Sean McCann has a beautiful record called Music for Public Ensemble. Highly recommend checking it out.

Also, I thought this bundle they have was very funny:


<3 that album. can’t find anywhere to buy it legally though? I guess I just have to steal it?


this is highly wild #&^$!*#^


No need, there’s a digital edition on iTunes.


Telectu ‎– Off Off



That George Tortorelli record is excellent. Thanks for turning me on to that!


the tortellini man is sumthin else



Revisiting a few Matmos numbers ahead of checking out their newie.

40-minute washing machine rework:

One of them (pre-Soft Pink Truth) made this out of only sounds from a discarded R&B CD he found.



Jan Robbe is re-releasing loads of Atomhead / UndaCova stuff on bandcamp so today mostly that




am digging on
Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons Volume One


various FSOL mixes


jon hassell going crazy in the world trade center in 1989

huge goals for 2019