What are you listening to?



After Robert Rich mentioned it at an event at Control.


This is one of my top albums for 2018, love this guy


That’s a great LP!
Used to be one of my staples, along with Lifeforms by FSOL, when doing ambient DJ sets back in the 90s.


First heard this on KEXP last night. The video makes it even more awesome.



coming back to this (AT album)… it’s quite varied and cohesive at the same time.


Yeah I love it/him too.

I got into the other member of The Books, Nick Zammuto, before The Books came along (for example, this from 2000) and kinda figured he was the one who was doing the things I liked about that band… but turns out de Jong rules too.


I only have one Books album and only discovered then via the ‘Prefuse Reads The Books’ EP they did with GSH. I love the album that I picked up after that but inexplicably never got anything else by them! I need to rectify that


been listening to this unreleased Thom Yorke song on repeat via the best audio-quality live recording I could find. Can’t wait for him to get into the studio and get these on an album soon.


Yes, I can hear the same aesthetic in common, hadn’t heard of the books, thanks for putting me on to them


currently hitting all of the feels



VCV rack made drones, released today - I have friends who play on this and it is quality


A spot of “festive” Pye Corner Audio for me:


Great progression on the new EP released a few days ago for the solstice.

“Trickster God” I think is the best track they’ve done, with a seamless blend of post-classical and folk elements. While still a work in progress, this still unclassifiable project for me has some of the excitement of the late 70’s NY scene.


The Arthur Russell doc is up on Le Cinema Club:



Wow… thanks so much. Really look forward to watching this.

The central problematic of Arthur Russell’s life and the solutions he found are for me the most important things with which to concern myself at this point… Julius Eastman as well, perhaps he is even more important – the intent is not at all to copy [least of all in terms of anything concerning musical style], but to transform the fundamental situation and its overcoming into what is authentic to my own concerns and the present historical moment.