What are you listening to?





i fondly remember playing the original game and the first sequel on my PS2 in elementary school (yikes was i really that young when those games came out!?), and how much my parents really did not like the music.

But I loved the music and would look forward to playing them unmuted for the first hour or two after getting home from school, before my parents got home!

I recently got the Switch port and it’s been quite the nostalgia trip, and of course jamming out to the music!


Same re: most of that, but not elementary school :wink:


early morning Chairs / cheers for the holidays … it smells like corn nuts in here … must be this:

waking up to do some cooking for a friend today … this is the wake up trio:




Synth marimba and melodic acid :heart:

ETA: pretty tapes tbh. shakes fist at US postage


Not much by Radigue on Spotify so this was a nice discovery of a recent add.


I had my hands on this CD today to try to calm the dog… never got around to actually playing it though…

Great record!


nice impro I discovered in interwebz


I just noticed that Ceephax posted new video and it is pure love <3


Tirzah album is so ace. I’ve been infatuated with her Levy collabs since I heard I’m Not Dancing - infectious!


I had no idea Ben had a new release. Anyone with a hot tip on how to track this down in the US?

Oh - listening to lots of Hecker lately too. New tune got me back in that mindset.



Not sure if you’ve seen this, but you may be interested in this interview on the Ina GRM youtube channel:


Which reminds me to mention - I jammed both your tapes yesterday morning as I read my book. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.


Bummer, I have the same question… iDEAL has a US distributor listed on their site but they aren’t carrying this one: http://www.tediumhouse.com/labels/ideal

Looks like forced exposure has some new iDEAL stuff, but only vinyl… I wonder if hikes in shipping rates to the US are to blame. :-/



“Beatless music” on the new comp from L.I.E.S.