What are you listening to?



A new Rastko album released today :slight_smile:


Catching up over the holiday break with the new batch of releases from Another Timbre.


The new Ferran Fages is wonderful:

I didn’t really connect with Mark R Taylor’s “Aftermaths” – a collection of solo piano music but I’ll have to come back to that again…

Next up today, which I’m super excited about (saving it for last) is the Catherine Lamb / Johnny Chang disc:


These are all wonderful, new to me and exactly what I need right now. thank you!


This is wonderful. Instant buy.


10 years old now (and then some) but I still find this concept mildly fascinating (and incredibly enjoyable).




Just saw that all of the Diggin’ in the Carts (video game music) RBMA radio shows have been posted. Many deep cuts but of course I jumped to the episode with the Chrono Trigger section (series 1, episode 5).

2 series of 8 eps each.



Currently, I’ve been listening to Danimal Cannon. But music made via old game system chips is very interesting to me.

Mitch Murder is also just aces!


This is a great mix!! Love it
(Edit: yes late reply, i’m a couple of months behind with listening through this thread :see_no_evil:







After knowing about the label for quite some time, I finally picked up my first reissue from Awesome Tapes From Africa. Didn’t know this one previously but damn, such a killer album. I accidentally listened to it on 45rpms the first time… kinda feel like I have two new albums now, one laid back and one supremely funky :sunglasses:


Nursing a reassuring New Year’s Day hangover…


Merry New Year:


First Bandcamp purchase of the new year popped up on Guy Birkin’s year-end blogpost and it sounded cool.


In support of all the absurdist, anti-authoritarian Russian (and other nations in eastern Europe) people making music.

If anyone has been to a west coast music festival in the USA like Lightening in a Bottle, Tommy Cash really takes the piss out of the cultish creep vibez that pop up in the usual characters.