What are you listening to?



I never really made a top ten list (favorite albums), but I’ve been listening to this repeatedly over the last several days. It’s similar to the material on the 4xCD set (on Sofa) of Keith Rowe and John Tilbury, but the tone feels markedly different. It’s almost as if Tilbury has a more sentimental / reflective tone, on Sissel. Maybe my favorite Tilbury-related recording since The Just Reproach (2012) with Oren Ambarchi

Favorites of the year:

Aphex Twin - Collapse
Marc Baron and Lucio Capece - My Trust in You
Jim O’Rourke - Sleep Like it’s Winter
Jogging House - Would
Low - Double Negative
xuiqen - moiré

another album I really enjoyed this year is Dust, by Laurel Halo. Took me a while to warm up to it (it seemed over-cluttered), but it’s really playful and fun. I’m a big fan of Quarantine as well.


this is so good. wow. very inspiring. i already love vcv rack but obviously this really makes me wanna spend a lot more time with it. thanks for sharing


yabba dabba doo:



New Conforce is atmospheric techno bliss:


pretty much always love traumprinz projects but this is a cut above even their usual high standard


Sweet dancehall/dub mix from New York collective Blazer.


Because I’m reading The Ambient Century and realized I’d never actually listened to Raymond Scott before.

(edit: kind of amazing how non-“soothing” some parts of it are. )

I’m also revisiting Ligeti and Subotnick, and had to track down some overpriced secondhand Wendy Carlos CDs…




had fun revisiting this set with the introduction of a baby and the necessity of “soothing” her this past year. let’s just say that while I personally love it, there are more recent records that do a better job…

the listening pile from last night as the household recovers from a cold/flu:

I would like to create an interactive Norns app similar to the one Behrman uses here (one of my favorite records).


alex newell
troye sivan
little dragon


steely dan






happy new year


On repeat. Bless you, Pete Speer.




Enjoying new output from Jenny Hval


Thank you so much for this, it’s incredible.


I’ve been listening to the newest Helios album ‘Veriditas’ pretty much daily for the last month or so. Melodic ambient at its finest. I even got my wife listening to it even though she dislikes ambient - though she listens to this album to go to sleep lol.


Best forced exposure mail day. Can’t believe Frayed Knots is finally on vinyl - if you like shoegaze, flying saucer attack etc this is essential. Also much love to @StandardTime for reissuing Belong.