What are you listening to?







stunning track

just realized @jet posted it last month. (it’s that good so am leaving it up 2x)


Snatched up a vinyl reissue of “Downward is Heavenward” that will hopefully arrive soon enough. Reliving high school by listening to HUM a lot :slight_smile:



been thinking about/listening to Fatima Al Qadiri’s ‘Vatican Vibes’ a lot again


Hey thanks for the tip! This has been on repeat on my headphones all day at work, enjoying it a lot!


I feel like I should have discovered this a lot earlier than I did. I’ve read about Pauline Oliveros but somehow it didn’t translate to actually trying her music until now.


Haven’t even watched the movie yet but being a fan of Trent and Atticus I had to check out their latest work. One of their best imho.



Alessandro Cortini remixing them is the only reason I’ve willingly listened to Death Cab For Cutie for the first time in many years:



one (two) of my favorite drones, haven’t tired of it after years. it reminds me of Rafael Toral’s earlier drone work, though it’s primarily acoustic


Some rich sounds here.






If you’ve heard El Michel’s Affair this is kind of like that - early Wu Tang vibes but played live with retro production stylings. Unlike El Michel’s Affair it’s not explicitly covers, but that kind of feel.