What are you listening to?



Someone upthread linked to this Chris Walla album - he was one of the main music-writers of Death Cab for Cutie - and it’s surprisingly good, I thought. Wandering instrumentals based mostly around piano.


Good ol’e Boards of Canada back on heavy rotation today.

I keep meaning to really get settled into their other albums too, especially the well-regarded Music Has the Right To Children, but it’s always Trans Canada Highway that has a special place in my heart. It transports me to a different place from the first note to the last.


I love this - he’s a friend of a lot of friends of mine from San Diego (the Drumetrics crew, if you know those guys, amongst others). Absolutely beautiful stuff


I wonder if it was @Tyresta, who was also responsible for leading me to Death Cab affiliate Jimmy Tamborello Dntel’s Hate In My Heart, which was made with edited live recordings of Jimmy playing a Music Easel and some effects. I never got into The Postal Service and my interest in Death Cab has faded over the years, but I’m definitely interested in what some of them have done in their solo careers.



A mix of Kangding Ray, Shigeto, Loscil, Rival Consoles, and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. Basically my work soundtrack.





nice to see people exploiting the modulation features of this box. How do people on Lines rate the Digitone?


“Inspired by alarm clock ringtones heard through sleep.”


Ambient comp pre-game drone listening this week with David First’s Dave’s Waves album and today the first three tapes from the label with the best name pun – important drone records:


From time to time but again and again nearly everything of Jon Hassell:


sorry for the ads … 11:20 really got me for a long bit … the cacophony / calamity


Charles Mingus was pretty much my favorite musician, ever.

Just in case you haven’t explored the rest of his music, yet, you’ll probably like this as well:



Who’s listening to the new James Blake record today?!




James Blake

my music consumption time is pretty limited these days but i got a chance to check this out and i’m pretty floored. really really strong, maybe his best work to me. sounds are inspiring as always but lyrically a big step up and had me relating/empathizing an almost uncomfortable amount. unrelated but also loved the andré feature’s signature random left turn to a critique of gentrification and the comitization of art on his way out of the song–

Wanna leave before the avaricious take over the city
We build and discover gold
Alchemists make it silver before you know it
Negative nickels until it’s void
Aluminum foil it back to soil, oh yeah