What are you listening to?



Currently enjoying some Xmas treats on vinyl (plus a lovely NWW 2xCD/book set) from my beloved via Meditations in Kyoto.

They’re all great, but man, that Pauline Anna Strom. Wowzers…!



Probably my favorite FSOL album (with LIfeforms and Dead Cities nearby).



Love that Ariel Kalma film!

I got turned onto him back in the early 80’s I think, such gorgeous spiritual vibes…



Catching up with recent Cinchel:

His new band is pretty stellar as well:



So good. “Interfrequence” has been on heavy rotation for 10+ years.

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ISDN is good stuff. “Life Forms” remains my favourite, you inspired me to dig up an old FB post (one of those “Post your 10 all-time favourite albums in no particular order of preference” chains:

Beyond being a time capsule of mid-90’s rave-era psychedelia, “Lifeforms” is a rewarding 92 minute journey that I still return to for a beginning-to-end headphone session every year or so, often with happy anticipation because I discover something new in the mix each time, and I love how I enter an almost childlike space where my imagination can run free while it follows the sounds.
This one is my “Phaedra”, my “Dark Side of the Moon”, my “insert the name of whichever trippy mind-melter from your younger years that made your ears feel toasty warm, cranked up the fractal cinema behind the eyelids and turned the colour knob up to 11”. It’s been 20 years plus, I’ve pretty much grown up with this record and when I listen to it, it tends to reset things in terms of being more receptive to wonder, a more positive light. A masterpiece.



Great record, totally blew my mind back in the day…

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now playing Lisa Alma “Sweater”




Andrea Neumann (solo and collabs with Annette Krebs and Kaffe Matthews) and Werner Durand’s stunning “Schwingende Luftsäulen”


LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Eric B and Rakim, Marley Marl



Went on a dance music binge on Bandcamp.
No idea if there’s a wider Ghanaian house scene, but liking this a lot.

Another alias from the guy who’s Huerco S, reminds me of weird turn of the century 12"s in the best way. People reacting to Chain Reaction (that sounds like a dumb joke, but I mean it!) and such.

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Really great folk artist I just came across this past week. Lots of fingerpicking in alternate tunings with haunting vocals.



This song means a lot to me; it’s one of a handful that I played or sang to my son to help him fall asleep when he was newborn.

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The newly released Laurie Spiegel on Unseen Worlds is so great. Created between 1988-90 w/ her Music Mouse software on Apple Macintosh 512ke, Yamaha TX816, and eventide fx boxes. Especially interesting to dive into after The Expanding Universe, these pieces are a little darker.



Can’t stop listening to this Carl Stone track the last few days.



This was my first Miles album, so it has a special place for me – even though it has a very dated, didn’t-age-well 80s sound. There are some solid songs here; I’ve seen live performance videos of some of the songs that came off better than the album versions. The electric violin solo on “Don’t Lose Your Mind” made an impression on me since I was a violin student at the time.

Another favorite from around then.

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Thresholder by Ian William Craig



A bit stuck on a Volcano! kick ever since someone mentioned them in the '09 -> '19 thread. This is one of my favorite albums ever:

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Revisiting an old favorite today: Henry Grimes’ The Call



this is my ringtone… i barely get calls, it gives me chills every time