What are you listening to?



this is my ringtone… i barely get calls, it gives me chills every time


recent purchases in heavy rotation




almost forgot for a sec


This floored me… Rival Consoles x Kate Bush // Running Up That Hill

Also Daniel Brandt’s new album is something really special. Here he is performing Cherry Dream at the Erased Tapes Sound Gallery:


totally agree! never been a fan but this new album is a huge step up! Well worth giving it a listen if anyone else hasn’t already :slight_smile:


Fun to listen to people playing with and reacting to physical space.


Loving this new Aesop Rock collab project and especially this track.



so happy this is finally being reissued on vinyl - it became an instant favorite when the Atavistic CD came out years ago.


Selvhenter is a funny Danish word that means something like “a thing you (have to) fetch yourself”. Like when kids play football or rounders and you shoot the ball way out of bounds, the others will shout “SELVHENTER!” and that means you get to go bring the ball back.

It’s also the name of an IMO utterly mesmerizing Copenhagen-based band consisting of two drummers plus trombone, violin and saxomophone. There’s a definite (free) jazz link to it, but it’s also quite textural, since the melody instruments all use effect pedals a lot. They also have their headbanger moments, like at app. 36 minutes in here. But listen from the beginning, it’s awesome.


Jason and his music are great, as are his bandmates in Mirror of Nature.




I can’t “like” this twice, but I would if could.


Thank you again to Stephen and Taylor for a deep performance at Fridman a few weeks back…

Continuing my mission to rip/needle drop all the world’s great OOP Traditional Japanese Music…

A new discovery…

Can’t get enough @rbeny this past week…




I LOVE these two records. I keep hoping for a third one!!!


I might be slightly obsessed with this album.


ah yes, this is a favourite here as well


exceptional records indeed!