What are you listening to?



really nice to see their setup, was always curious what Matt’s modular setup was, does anyone have any insight into what gear he’s using? the coy camera angles make it pretty hard to see what modules are involved (2 mangroves?)


Just seeing this. But yeah its an incredibly deep box. I think folks are just scratching the surface of this one and the digitakt. I have been doing similar single box sketches every night with the digitone for the last month or so, and have yet to get bored.


1 year anniversary podcast. @TomWhitwell is a treasure!


Missed Grails live last night, second time I meant to go see them and forgot… Jamming on this today.


Enjoying Honey’s Dead by JAMC right now, also some Saint Etienne this morning


Thank you! It even includes discussion of controversy in this very thread, about 16 hours in.


Yeah! But, I think it was more like 42 hours in. After we went through your library in total. :slight_smile: and played all of your dx7 presets. Is Alex on lines? Would love to give him further props!




Been listening to @tehn’s skyclad a lot lately.

Are those chirpy critters on iv the same ones as in the Teletype introduction?


omg I didn’t know there’s a rapper named ハイクラスビッチ! I’m so happy xDD


haha, she uses thirteen13, “High Class Bitch” is the name of the first track.


:woman_facepalming:t3: I noticed too late :joy:. Still a great title!


He’s previously always used a synthesisers.com 5U modular but I guess this was shot in Europe so Eurorack makes more sense to travel with? Definitely 2 mangroves there, though interestingly their character doesn’t come through really.
Such a great band


Also very much into Qasim Naqvi’s work https://qasimnaqvi.bandcamp.com/album/chronology-2






Listening to this right now.
punk aesthetic + agressive basslines, heavy beats and traditional funana from Capeverde islands


In love with this new album from Surachai.