What are you listening to?



so good. and 20 chars and nums



That was absolutely lovely, thank you for sharing!


I actually really dug the recent pitchfork writeup on this.


“stretching their already-indulgent impulses into eight-minute songs about war and heroin and the glory of the guitar.”

Topics still important today. Even taking into account the few regrettable lyrics that happen (which are pointed out in this review), there are some really interesting jazz moments on Paranoid. After listening to it again the other day, I think a lot of it really does continue to make sense today.





One of the sleeper gems in the NIN catalog :+1:



Finished yesterday with this … starting today with it.

sorry about the odd linkage … I couldn’t get it to work this morning.

edit: it just didn’t “preview” … looks fine now


Saw a clip of Nina Richards (stepper a acid) on Instagram. Which led me to this. Love the whole synthwave vibe.


Listened to the preview track from the Corey Fuller album a few times in a row.



Chatting on Twitter with a friend about the late Mark Fisher, recalling his interview with Burial.

#np one of my favourite tracks by Burial (‘Come Down To Us’).

YouTube link below, still can’t decide if the accompanying vid is one of the best things I’ve seen or one of the cheesiest… Some from column A, some from column B, I suspect :upside_down_face:


one of my favorite Stephan Mathieu albums – it sorta recalls the turtable drift / sound art of Philip Jeck… though it’s not as raw

https://www.wandelweiser.de/cem/ - a sure favorite of the Wandelweiser series. it’s real pretty


Back on this once again:


I did a search for ‘acreil’ and was somewhat surprised there were no results.

He happens to use Pure Data, among other things. Also has an interesting, thoughtful website. I really like what I hear and read.


Elektron forum discovery! :slight_smile: What I jammed sounded good, need to dig in more.

I actually wrote him earlier to see if he had any perspective on what is up in Charleston, SC. My brother lives down there. It’d be fun to try to play down there sometime.



For some weird reasons these two songs always help me to feel better.