What are you listening to?




Really enjoying Kazuya Ishigami’s Sunday Morning Field Recordings double-disc my roomie’s label put out last year. Ambience (mostly) from Osaka:



crazy how sonically varied this is compared to newer noise music! a fantastic and unexpected example of tape manipulation as well.


New Nathan Moody!


I’m listening to that right now and came to this thread to post a link, not expecting that it’d already be there to stop me.






Quite possibly the saddest NIN project. Leaving Hope gets me every damn time.


Saw Lucrecia perform last night here in Pittsburgh. Great show, recommend going if she’s playing in your city.


I’ve been waiting for a long form interview with Deantoni Parks… Missed this when it came out. Didn’t expect this to be the outlet for such a conversation but I’m really happy it was, such an interesting perspective on his work.




Seeing this live in two weeks!


new work by liz harris under the name nivhek <3 - https://grouper.bandcamp.com/album/after-its-own-death-walking-in-a-spiral-towards-the-house


nice! minimal but with loads of presence


From Akihiki Matsumoto. Some of you may follow him on Instagram as @akihik0ma:

And this new beauty from Eilean Records: