What are you listening to?



Currently cranking Steve Reich’s Tehillim and enjoying a glass of Hitachino White Ale. After a few minutes, I’ve had to stop working and just sit and enjoy the counterpoint. I’ve also uttered the word “fuck” rather aggressively several times much to the confusion of my wife, dog, and cats.



Anything Hosono. Anything NTS. :heart:




Ha, fun to hear kinda Detroit techno sounds with non-standard timings!

Ukkonen is another who does this very subtly. He did a whole mix of Detroit techno tracks edited into uneven time signatures, based on a dream…



Ooh I’ll check him out! That description sounds like music directly aimed at me, haha.

LOTI is great—I randomly came across him a few years ago with this release, and it pretty much remains my fave of his. The little bits of randomness (love the claps) really do add some new movement to it, but it’s still got that pretty solid groove. I find myself going back to it a lot :slight_smile:




Going old school industrial again…


only this every second weeklong



Finally catching up with the new Carl Stone retrospective today:

Very welcome & blissful vibe to the opener :slight_smile:


He more recently rebooted his polka trax concept:


sold!! love this vibe.


I’m listening to this new Knud Viktor reissue and it’s really lovely. A series of vignettes, mostly birds and insects, stitched together into two sides.