What are you listening to?





One of the pillars of Italian minimalism. the only albums that take me to a similar place are Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra, Nick Drake - Pink Moon, Satoshi Ashikawa – Still Way… a lot of the work of Robbie Basho and John Fahey also comes to mind … Cilio was that good.


S/T by Cherushii & Maria Minerva


Dream pop kind of thing from my hometown. Reminds me of some mix of Mazzy Star and Slowdive… Or of my teens in the 90s anyway. :wink: Those 20-year retro cycles…

I can’t embed a Bandcamp player if there’s two hyphens in the URL



one of my favourites, this. hauntingly beautiful.



Outstanding 1979 album by Barış Manço


Mary Timony? Boston?

I was there! She’s a great guitarist…


Sunwatchers’ new Illegal Moves! equal parts krautrock and free jazz! this rips!!

really hoping they’re in chicago soon



Just ordered both of these. Amazing pieces both of them. I absolutely love Thom and Beth.


This new series of Michael Pisaro Recordings. Personnel -

Antoine Beuger (flute)
Jürg Frey (clarinet)
Marcus Kaiser (cello)
Radu Malfatti (trombone)
André Möller (electric guitar)
Kathryn Gleasman Pisaro (oboe/english horn)

composition, field recording, sine tones, noise, mixing, mastering by Michael Pisaro

…started listening last night, on repeat. It’s well-dynamic, and ‘new’ to my ears, so there’s a lot to be revealed. Finding it more engaging / listenable than Continuum Unbound, so far


Rome is to much cold today, it’s time to wear, and hear, an Eskimo by the Residents :grinning:


Amazing contemporary electronic/modular folk album. Some echoes of the mid-70’s Cluster/Roedelius records, but released in 2018


just saw Palehound and Cherry Glazerr last night - I’ve been listening to both for awhile but seeing them live was super fun! hadn’t been in a pit in awhile, but both bands fucking shred live. Palehound in particular was more intense live than I expected, which I was totally down with, and some of Cherry Glazerr’s breakdowns felt like I was at a stoner rock show. also noteworthy that Cherry Glazerr is headed by a 22 year old woman, v inspiring.

highly recommend, especially if you’re into 3 piece rock bands but also have emotions:


I haven’t heard much of Daphne Oram’s work before. Beautiful, beguiling music concrete…


enjoying murlo’s new album, want to check out the accompanying graphic novel.


Revisiting Microstoria’s last album (members of Oval and Mouse on Mars). I used to find this very, very far out there in 2001. It’s still not packed with pop hits, but…


crazy timing, Green Daruma just released a new mini-album today, a few hours after I had posted Unkai LOL. More stripped-down in concept and instrumentation, but I’m also really liking this one!


still one of my favorite things. Microstoria was one of the first musics I “discovered” using Napster while at work–as a night audit for a small hotel in / around 2000. I was trying to recall everything I’d read about in WIRE, and Init Ding sounded beautiful during the early morning hours. Our computer privileges were taken away shortly afterwards, because one of us changed the wallpaper. But there was a grand piano in the lobby, and it’s a quiet / small hotel - perfect for plucking on the strings, attempting at quasi- “prepared” piano percussion / tape recordings. I still listen to my copy of Model 3, Step 2 every once in a while. It’s beautiful stuff.