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summoning john lurie and jon hassell


A few years ago a performance of Feminine by Julius Eastman was released on CD. Since I don’t have a cd player, I waited for a digital version to come out, but one never did.

Just found that NTS radio played the whole, 79-minute version, and it’s streaming online (with some radio chatter before it). It’s incredible.


Oh cool, thank you so much. It’s missing on Unjust Malaise, it’s like there’s a jump from Stay On It to the early 80’s material. I didn’t notice or forgot there was another CD. There are a few for sale on Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/Julius-Eastman-Femenine/release/8970703, I’m going to pick one up. Thanks so much!!!


init ding is an all timer for me



Nice/sad little British soul songs. I was going to go with lo-fi, but maybe “unadorned” is better.
I think they’re the only songs this singer has out there, but then she’s only 18 so. Might be your thing if you like Tirzah?


Had to wake up to this. Will likely continue all day.


AE_LIVE_PORTLAND - they’ve honed / sabotaged this set (same template as the European dates) radically, where many parts have evolved / mutated markedly… it sounds like they’re having a blast, not stagnating–this stuff is bristling with aggressive energy, there’s an overt plasticity to it. It feels fluid and alive, the textures (and the action) are delicious.

It’s funny, these recordings sound more physical / visceral, or tangible than something like Sort/Lave, by Richard Devine. Maybe it’s the mix, or the mastering that makes it sound much more direct–there’s an obvious bite to it that’s lacking from the material on Sort/Lave. It’s hard not to draw a comparison, though Ae’s music is far more unhinged and raw here.


revisiting this one


Recently been going a bit deeper than “Boards of Canada” on early-mid 2000’s IDM-ish(?) synth music. Two favorites:

Any other recommendations?



one of my favorites…


haven’t revisited this one in a while



That lusine album is one of my all time favorites! A few more faves from that era


These are a bit earlier, but anyway, some tunes from albums I obsessed over for years
Aspen, 1999

Bionaut, 1995

Remote Viewer, 2002

To Rococo Rot, 1999 (was lumped into a very different scene because they had bass guitar and drums, but whatever)

Kim Hiorthøy (2000)

ETA: you could scratch around labels like City Centre Offices, Morr Music who released artists like Arovane, Ulrich Schnauss, etc. - it reminded me ISAN would be a really worthwhile addition:

I personally think they keep getting better, but that’s from 2006.


Boards-ian, and beyond-



wow. Those really stopped me in my tracks.