What are you listening to?



It’s not fall. But the album Out of Season by Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man has remained a favorite of mine for well over a decade now, and I haven’t ever found another that has such a palpable sense of time and season. Listening to it all the way through just perfectly captures the transition of fall into winter. It’s a damn good listen any time of year. This is my favorite of the tracks.


I own that The Bionaut LP actually! Showed up for very cheap in new arrivals in the local record store few months back.

Slowly exploring and really enjoying all these recommendations, thank y’all.



If you like spluttering electronics and improvisation, Richard Scott’s new album is it. Released yesterday, he uses Hordijk, Serge and Synthi synths


new Carl Stone!


also @Jet I looked because the name was familiar, and 6 years ago I had starred this to rococo rot track on spotify (probably going on a related artist click through journey), hah:


To Rococo Rot deliberately evolved slowly / only a little, so you can dip in anywhere really. My fave albums are The Amateur View and the slightly beefier Speculation.

If you want to keep going down the lengthy rabbit hole of the members’ projects, I especially like

  • Robert Lippok’s Open Close Open (three longer glitchier tracks with a beautiful loop of Mahler in the mix),
  • Mapstation’s Distance Told Me Things To Be Said (minimal interlocking synth lines from bass player Stefan Schneider, with Radian’s drummer providing acoustic drums sometimes - sometimes maybe improbably hinting at roots reggae), and
  • September Collective’s All The Birds Were Anarchists (trio with Schneider, someone else on homemade synths, and a pianist - results are quite pretty and lush)



Longform Editions continuing to deliver. I loved Nicola Ratti’s album on room40 a year or two back, and a longform modular + piano workout turns out to be just what I needed.


This week’s rotation included:


this whole record is amazing


Just finished listened to the @darwingrosse’s conversation with Alessandro Cortini:

Before that podcast episode went live, I was listening to more Jim O’Rourke / Steamroom releases, and now I’m listening to Eleh because I can’t seem to get enough Serge music lately.



i’ve had this on repeat all week


Raga Malkauns
(wiki:The best time for this raga is late night. The effect of the raga is soothing and intoxicating. )


Did you like Frank Ocean’s Blonde? You’ll probs like this:


The Prodigy, with no apologies.
RIP Keith Flint.



My favorite from Richard. Gives me chills every time.