What are you listening to?



jazz/prog/minimalism with some stunning vocals







John Hayes: By the Woods

Beautiful minimal solo piano shenanigans :black_heart:



Love this track and the album is great too.



Some chiptune, sort of (“a Game Boy and some junkshop FM and GM keyboards”)


New Download just dropped today.


Atabay Cargulyyew: awesome 1980’s-90’s folk from Turkmenistan. Mostly electronic:


been listening to this incredible album all morning. what an achievement!! his records have been hit-and-miss for me in the past but this one is stunning front to back IMO.

also i’ve been reflecting on RVNG’s catalog while listening to this is how you smile… i feel like they’re a label i’m going to tell my grandkids about one day with a nostalgic twinkle in my eye. A++ catalog of inspiring, far out music.


i wasn’t feeling this HN release but we did just get tix to see him live in clev. does he still use the tinsel mammals live?


never seen him live! that sounds pretty cool though.


I believe those are retired.


this saddens me. i always wanted to see the tinsel mammals. i am happy to support him regardless as he seems like such an awesome human.


For some reason felt compelled to put on some high school throwback zones on the commute home. So thankful this stuff all came out properly so long after the tapes were endlessly floating around.


This Is How You Smile, new Helado Negro. Wonderful. :blue_heart:

  1. Running


Remarkable piece of work. This is my current contender for AOTY.