What are you listening to?



wasn’t aware of this, did they release another album? Fifteen Quiet Years (?)


I really dig this whole vibe…gr8 arrangement & beats…video sync harmony.


Just a collection of old stuff. It all gets jumbled, but maybe mostly it’s the Aviary Demos and the Peel Sessions? Maybe also the 7" is on it? Basically just a comp of assorted stuff. “Tron” was on a mixtape my older brother’s girlfriend made for him which was basically the single most important musical gateway moment of my life. I think I lifted it from him almost immediately in 1993 when I was 13 or 14. :slight_smile:





Fresh for 2019!


Sorting thru old boxes, listening to circa 200X mystery spraypainted noise CDrs using a Playstation 1 as my hi-fi cd deck is on it’s way out and won’t accept half the disks i try :frowning:



this is streaming in its entirety now. it’s the first release by Tone Glow Records - Tone Glow is a small blog featuring album reviews, primarily (?) in this area of music–or more accurately, in the realm of “experimental” sound art, EAI, lower case, and sometimes K-pop. Etc. Lotta Erstwhile features, Gravity Wave, Another Timbre, et al


both need rerelease :frowning:


there is so much good stuff so far in 2019! personal faves so far:

Solange, as mentioned above - this is basically her ‘ambient’ album, way more subtle/less traditional pop/r&b structures than her previous stuff (which I also love). happy to see her continuing to try new things, and I think this one will grow on me the more I listen (especially w/ headphones).

lines & lines-adjacent ppl!:
Warm Human - @wrmhmn such a strong first album, been excited about this since last July and it lived up to my own internal hype lol. also a super specific thing I love is the dropped last syllables in the bridge of “down”; it’s a subtle, easy to miss thing, but I still always want those rhymes to come through and they never do, which is so clever and ramps up an already tense track. “hat” has been in my head for like 7 months since hearing it live but i’m super into this track right now:

Helado Negro, also mentioned above. really excited to see him building a following! I saw him twice in the past 1.5yrs here in Cleveland. I first found out about him when he opened for Sylvan Esso/@madeofoak and was listening nonstop for weeks leading up to that show, and he’s so fun to see live! the tinsel creatures were/are great, but i’m also stoked for whatever else he comes up with. already got tickets to see him when he comes back to town!

Hand Habits - so brilliant, really love their use of vocal layers/harmonies and they shred just enough, but not so much that it gets in the way of the sincere, beautiful (like, truly remarkable IMO) songwriting. they shout out @stripes in an interview regarding how they approach songwriting, so thanks emily for helping inspire this amazing work! :pray: also they’re playing with Sylvan Esso in November so I think y’all LA/surrounding folks should check that out since it sounds magical (at the Disney Concert Hall! super crazy Frank Gehry building). I picked this song since it’s been in my head, but the whole album is so great and I cannot choose a favorite:

of course, I love ambient & full-on experimental work, but it’s also so fun to see lines folks and their friends putting pop & rock records out in the world (and getting some recognition for it) :heart:


@joshhh I love the new hand habits record (and the last one)! I was looking through the credits and Hannah Read (Lomelda) is listed as a backup singer. The new Lomelda record (and the last one) are both incredible. I especially like this track, the droning stuff going on in the background is really cool and does something magic in harmony with the melody I can’t quite place my finger on.


joyous elastic noisy rock (and one of my favorite closing tracks ever) from some of NZs finest (Galbraith, Jeffries) that should have been re-issued a few times over by now.



I have a massive Drumm collection and this is one of my favorites, it’s neither drone nor harsh:

This is a classic in the harsh territory:

Fucked up tapes:


the new kilchofer record, a collaboration with michael anklin, is really great. modular processing live percussion


just a friendly reminder that tierra whack fills me with ridiculous amounts of joy



a soundtrack mixtape
which includes
Brian Hodgson, Jóhann Jóhannsson,
Geinoh Yamashirogumi and Kurt Stenzel.

Im on my second go and really dig.


i often will listen to this song on repeat:

which is featured on this great compilation:

and covered delightfully here:

and then i finally listened to the rest of the roedelius record and now have this on repeat: