What are you listening to?



The Selbstportrait series is also particularly amazing.


The last This Is What I Do :disappointed_relieved:


There are some new Underworld things on the streaming services.




love this record too!

the tape archives from roedelius are my favorites of him, because one gets an insight into his working process. sketches, jams and ideas:


23 years of listening to In Sides yet i somehow never thought to even know THIS EXISTS. (O__O;)

All sorts of great stuff going on in there. Chills as Justice’s entire sound springs into being fully formed at 9:03 :smiley:


oh, damn, didn’t know about this one, thanks!

i really appreciate sketches and process jams and anything that exposes the scaffolding beneath. they’re such a direct line to the artist’s hand.


This, a lot:



Anyone know what’s happening at 1:54 to make that whirring whistle sound? I’ve heard it elsewhere but don’t know how to recreate it. Also this album as a whole is shot or sorely needed energy.

edit: trying to reply to posts before posting a track of my own (community and discussion and all that), @Starthief this is pretty inspiring stuff! It’s hard to tell where the jungle ends and Easel begins. It’s one of the more seamless incorporation of a field recording I’ve heard, my own attempts feeling like “and now A BIRD is in this… back to synths.”


real nice, thanks for sharing this


Yeah, this is cool. To give myself some authenticity points, I remember going out and getting the vinyl when I was a student…


been listening to a lot of kenichiro isoda’s work from the 90s this past week



I went to this link because of an article in the newspaper I read every day :
This will be my first 2019 cd purchase !


Research leads me to some unexpected, wonderful things:



Thank you for reminding me these records exist; lovely explorations of texture.


Lately I’ve been enjoying The Remote Viewer’s lovely crackling and popping drum programming.



I remember hearing this for the first time. It was the first date with the one I have now been with for 13 years. Also the first country song I liked.