What are you listening to?



edit: oh i see with me happens the same thing haha…
anyways the link is on her facebook page:







hey @nuun your embed auto-plays every time i load this page. not sure why. this happening for anyone else?


Yeah this is happening with me too, i will edit that post and remove the videolink
Edit: it don’t happens on my phone btw, strange


just found this lp after a long time


a pretty amazing list of some great underground artists.




astonishing collection. weird as hell while remaining beautiful and broken. for me, it all comes together like a genre I didn’t know we had because its contributors have been disparate till now.


More jazz.


A couple recent additions:

King Krule/Zoo Kid:

Yeah You:

Been really loving the new Kanye album:

And an oldie but goldie:


after adding it to my rotation of “listen to while jogging” albums, I’m coming around to TLOP. I’m a big fan of ye and usually take to his new albums pretty quickly, but this one has definitely taken me some time.

I guess dealing with the back of the envelope misogyny etc has been something that’s always been a part of the Kanye deal, but it grated me a bit more on this work. Could be that I’ve gotten older, or it’s become more flagrant/self-aware (probably a combination there of). That and it lacked a lot of the immediate appeal of his previous works… but there’s something to be said for subtlety, of course.

Not sure where it’ll ultimately end up for me, but there are some golden tracks/moments to be sure. Really deserves the context of the album listen.


I fell into that album again, that’s the album that got me into loving modular and stuff…



Today this.


Love this thanks for sharing!


the notwist - neon golden.
still one of my favorite albums of all time.