What are you listening to?

My youtube music wormhole of the century so far is Bengal “Box Competition music” / “Humming Bass” / “speaker test” / ?? wot u call it, discovered via this blog post with some great examples:

Super excited about this stuff

get it now before it’s all over the Wire, Quietus etc in a week or so hah.

a lot of the ‘extreme’ aspect comes from mic clipping distortion in the live vids, but the clean mixes are fun too and sometimes ridiculously minimal and weird… like just repeated bass drops with a load of sirens or movie dialogue over them…

random selection:










dear friend z guyette released a new album under their alias “shinespark” and it is the perfect music to eat candy to and jump up and down!

p.s. check out that beautiful tape layout!


Caterina Barbieri’s “Spirit Exit” is one of those albums that has crept up on me these past couple of months and I find I’m listening to it a lot. Fabulous use of modular synths, highly recommended.


Brilliant… though links I also discovered the related but slightly more conventional genre “Dek bass”…

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The Sannic Sounds of Tommy McCook

Jorge Ben - A Tábua de Esmeralda

Charles Stepney - Step on Step

Ornette Coleman - Love Call

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Beautiful underwater recordings that somehow sound like rain or electrical discharge.


São Paolo Underground & Tupperware - Saturno Mágico

Scriabin’s Piano sonata no. 5 played by Anna Malikova


Absolutely loving this today - had been aware vaguely of Tarentel but this is making me hunt down more

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I haven’t really been actively following 100gecs, but a friend just pointed me to their new record, and wowwww. It’s probably not for everyone, but it is a wild musical journey for sure


Listening now and digging it

Thanks bud. Just a fun, nostalgic mixtape with some tunes that have inspired me throughout the years. No frills, all fun.

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Oh good, more gecs – and maybe it’s just me, but I feel there’s a certain resemblance here…


The second Giraffe Tapes compilation in support of various organisations engaged in providing specific help to Ukraine right now.

35 tracks - including some names that will be instantly familiar to other members of the Lines community - a run time of nearly 3 hours and some heart-achingly beautiful ambient-adjacent music.


GT are a really great label


I’ve been on a game soundtrack bender the past week, and I love how listening to the soundtrack of a game recalls vivid memories of locations in the game, what the game made me feel and even other events or locations in my life tied to the time I was playing the game. I’m a very occasional gamer, I get really into a game when I’m playing but there are months in between the games I play. Here are some favourites from the past week:

  • Gris by Berlinist: I feel like this score captures so well the balance of light and heavy that the game is about.
  • Journey by Austin Wintory: Perhaps my all time favourite both game and soundtrack. Takes me back, and I wish I could play it again for the first time!
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps by Gareth Coker: The more sentimental soundtrack of these but I loved the game and I feel like the soundtrack added a lot to it.
  • Hollow Knight by Christopher Larkin: Perhaps my second favourite game (eagerly awaiting Silksong) and I love how this soundtrack sets such a distinct mood for each scene. My brain plays sound effects from the game as I am listening to it.

Does anyone else have any game soundtrack favourites to share?

mostly animal sounds from the cornell university macauly library. (linda macauly was an amazing field recordist!)

here’s some marine iguanas spitting salt out of their noses


The soundtrack to Hades is absolutely excellent.

its sort of unfair that darren korb is also the voice of zagreus

modern classic!

weird one!

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