What are you listening to?




This is excellent. Anything more by them to check out?


The new Blanck Mass can be listened to on NPR (it’s not out yet). I really like Dumb Flesh, just started listening to this new one and it’s good so far…






slick as shit :slight_smile:


The new Visible Cloaks - Reassemblage album is beautiful. Sublime and otherworldly. I don’t have a link to the audio but there’s a good write up about it here:


Such great recommendations!

Here’s one to listen to at high volume in the dark…


Yes! I’ve been seeing this written up everywhere and had a listen the other night. It’s a really special record, and I for one am excited for this to (maybe… hopefully?) be a record that can inspire more interest in digital synthesis.


Got it for you :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: I wrote the post on my phone as I was getting off the bus, so it was a bit hard to include :wink:


No worries, we are here for each other. We wouldn’t want you missing a step while leaving the bus and tripping because you were trying to find a link. :wink:


Love this Lego Feet LP! As you probably know this was Autechre before they were called Autechre. 1991 I think on the mighty Skam Records. I had some of this on cassette recorded from a friend of a friend in about 1993. I got the vinyl repress, amazing stuff you can hear so much of the UK’s Hardcore techno of the time in this… It makes me think of that scene at the time, they say ‘hardcore’ means different things to different people, it only meant one thing to me, Techno! I could talk about this record all night!


Man, I forgot about this.

I never had the CD, but I know I have some mixes I did with some of these, which means I have the vinyl…somewhere.

I know I have some other Skam releases, and I played them frequently.

Hardcore–breakbeat hardcore–makes me swoon still. As much awe as sentiment. Brilliant, anarchic days.

And then, to REALLY date ourselves:


Jesus…it just hit me: this summer will be 30–THIRTY!–years since that summer of love.


drummers on both of these:




Ha Ha! Yes Hardcore still makes me swoon as well, they were heady days indeed.
Being from the North East of England (and of a certain age) we had a pretty good scene around 1991-92. There was a college radio station called Wear FM which played some great shows 8pm till midnight most of the week. I listened loads and have about 20 cassette tapes from these shows. Looking back and listening to these you basically hear ‘jungle’ being born out of the hardcore techno and breakbeat sounds. There were these semi-legal raves called Nocturnal - always held on Friday 13th - and I went to one sometime in 92 and it made such an impression on me and I didn’t even have any drugs! The music seemed so forward looking and the scene so open. Perhaps the single most excitement I ever got buying a record was getting this LP on vinyl in 1992, I can still remember coming home on the bus reading the sleeve notes, getting home and putting it on the turntable… https://www.discogs.com/Various-Sub-Base-For-Your-Face-LP/release/97994


'gain the whole world, for the price of your soul…


And coincidentally I just found out Visible Cloaks are playing a show at my friends’ studio here in Vancouver tomorrow night! That was a nice surprise.


…sounds like a great time for a recording. Let us know how it went.


I nearly forgot this existed, and then someone reminded me it existed, and it is pure joy