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Hadn’t listened to Mojave 3 in a while, listened to all five albums in order today, with Ask Me Tomorrow and Spoon and Rafter remaining my favourites.

Currently finishing up Puzzles Like You, bit of a slog to get through that one. Not partial to the relentlessly upbeat generally.


which Gibbons did they do?


Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis.

Here’s the program:

I don’t have the notes with me at the moment, but the program was religiously thematic, attempting to encompass the range of Christian experience. All the pieces can be divided in to four groups, each a setting of Magnificat, Pater Noster, Ave Maria, and Nunc Dimittis. Composers ranged from the period mentioned right up to more or less today, with Pärt, and to a lesser extent Tavener, and slightly less so still, Stravinsky and Holst.

They also did an encore of a piece by Monteverdi–“Cantate Domino.”

I’ve waited a long time to hear them sing. I have many of their recordings; I adore them. It was just completely stunning to hear such perfection in person, live. Really a marvel of human accomplishment.


Lovely, thanks!

The Gibbons Second Service is so nice to sing, too - there’s something about Renaissance polyphony that is just magic to be inside - even if you’re not nearly as good as the Tallis Scholars othe Sixteen. (I still sing this stuff from time-to-time in a scratch/pop-up choir that sings from a pub once a month, though it’s bloody hard to get a ticket - very oversubscribed.)

(Iiiiit’s liturgical footnote time! The Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis are two parts of the Anglican evening service, which they merged from the Cathloics - the Mag is in Vespers, and the Nunc is part of Compline. The Pater Noster and Ave Maria are prayers that can be used in a variety of places, IIRC. It’s a long while since I’ve sung this stuff).


I’ve really been digging Second Woman the last few weeks: Second Woman, “100407jd7”

Also M. Geddes Gengras has been high on my rotation, M. Geddes Gengras, “Ishi”




This looks/sounds just fabulous. If I was in London I’d be there immediately!

There’s nothing much like that around where I live that I’m aware of. I do occassionally sing with a group that works on a wide variety of folk musics with dense harmony (emphasis on Georgian, Sicilian, and some southern African songs), but it’s not a public performance.

I am studying/learning the Agnus Dei II from Josquin’s “Missa de beata Virgine,” and it has been deeply revealing. I think I can relate to your feeling about being inside the music, but I have far less experience than you do, so can only base that on this piece. It’s challenging on many levels, not least of which is the un-standard nature of the composition related to modern, standardized, post-Bach/Baroque music.

Your liturgical footnotes sound about right to me, but I’m not expert. I’ve tended to listen a little more to continental renaissance/medieval music than Anglican, but I’m actively working on paying more attention to the English music. There’ve been a couple notable new recordings in the last few months I need to get on.


Ive been stuck on:


Bear in mind that some of my context is singing this stuff in Anglican contexts. So, a renaissance Magnificat that might have been written for Vespers might be something I’ve sung at an Anglican evensong.

Also: it’s a long while since I’ve sung any of this in a religious context or building.







I just got the Talking Heads Chronology DVD. Really interesting to see their development over 8 years or so.
Love the bass on this one:



Some dj set I played with a friend almost 3 years ago… I re-found it on my HD after having almost forgotten about it. I think some of you could like it, so I’m posting it here. It also feels like something that fits in here. It’s not a dj set intended for dance (though you can dance to it if you want to I guess), it’s more about creating a sonic journey. Hence all the references to trains, and travelling.





and this… from the OST to the film A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night