What are you listening to?




Probably my favorite song.


I love this so much.


Decided to listen to some things I hadn’t heard in a while. Love this record:




Brutal yet nuanced space-themed technical death metal. If you like Krallice or Gorguts, you’ll probably dig this as well.

Great DJ set by the one and only Surgeon. Lots of dark/industrial techno as you might expect, but a couple ambient pieces by Charles Cohen and Robert Akai Aubrey Lowe w/ Arial Kalma in the mix as well.


gorgeous. warm. full. <333333333



Album just came out, just finished listening to it.
I absolutely loved it. One of my favourites of the year so far.


New Sakamoto:



Think this is my Summer album :grinning:




I listen to this for hours on repeat


danced through almost all of their trio dj set at coachella, and it was fantastic.



Loving the new split 12" from Kilchhofer and Hainbach


1 track and preorder for a 4 track album of Cuban/Iranian electronic music from Ariwo, via Manana//Cuba.

«Since their launch at MANANA’s Boiler Room Session in 2015, ARIWO have come to symbolise everything that MANANA stands for - echoing our focus on the rich intersection between electronic music and Afro-Cuban rhythm. It has been over a year in the making so we are unbelievably excited to finally release, To Earth, the monumental first track off their self-titled debut album.»



Sorry I’ve been quiet. Been in a weird state - unable to focus - my girlfriend and I have bought a house and I just seem distracted (and worry I may be until we move in in July - doh!) and haven’t been able to sit down and work for some time. Also, I hurt my back which had me out of action for a couple weeks too.

Anyway, the new André Stordeur “Analog and Digital Electronic Music #2: 1980-2000” and Jaap Vink “s/t” albums are both exceptional recent releases. Still haven’t made time to check out the most recent Gábor Lázár release, but it’s sitting on my shelf for listening soon hopefully.