What are you listening to?



this is great. thank you for the rec!
moving is always weird…places are full of our energies, old and new. moving shakes it all up for me, converging all those versions. feels like this:

buying a house amplifies that, I’m sure. glad to have you around, every way you are.


Thanks, I’m still keeping up with the board, just for some reason have been less compelled to chime in. Glad you’re digging the Stordeur. The first volume is great too :slight_smile:



Thought I found it here, but anyway posting this gem again. It’s May, but this might be already the album of the year for me.




New from April Larson:




I ordered and received this tape by Noisejockey (a member here) yesterday. Excited to listen. :slight_smile:


New Full of Hell is fire:



Beautiful weaving fieldrecordings and guitar


Did people know atticus Ross uses a monome with his modular? Monome @ 4:40




Thanks very much for mentioning this.


can’t wait to hear the new @marcus_fischer lp!
245 Likes, 20 Comments - marcus fischer (@marcusfischer) on Instagram: “now we wait. (my next LP for 12k is now in production // #12klabel / #comingsoon)”



Thanks. There will be this album and a deupree/fischer collaboration LP this summer as well.