What are you listening to?



Not sure how I ended up on this vid 6 months later, but I love it and have bought the album. So I know what I will be listening to. :smiley:


Bit of a revelation. I had no idea Japanese chain Muji had commissioned Hosono to make their in-store music… nor that Muji started as a product line in the giant supermarket chain Seiyu.

Kinda makes sense of Muji not being “cool” in Japan.


Yeah I’m cranking the whole album.

I first heard about him through James Holden (the techno-ish producer), who rightly commented he does stuff that sounds like synths with just his live takes on bass sax (admittedly with plenty of studio tweaking now, it sounds like? never heard clicking keys sound so loud!)




I got a tape too. It’s awesome!~


Not much studio tweaking, usually: it’s often just smart micing. See here:

and having seen him live, it’s something similar: judicious contact micing or directional mics and simple control of mic balance gets him a long way; so much of it is in the lips and throat. The first time I realised many of the searing ‘distorted’ lines were just in the take, singing through the note… it made me reappraise what was going on.

updated with correct video


Oh yeah I appreciate that heaps of it is in the mic placement and such, but the latest one seems a bit further into effect-ed territory than that first trilogy of releases.

For example, there’s a bunch of really chunky sounding percussive elements (e.g. track 3) that seem like they have gated reverbs and such. On that 1st track a clean-sounding tone sweeps into a big reverb a couple of times - which could be natural reverb for sure, but it still very likely requires at least one change in the mix.

PS. Lovely video, thanks.




Still one of fave albums, been listening to it for over 20 years now. I bought it on cassette when it came out. People know the singles, but the deep cuts on this album are amazing. Also, IMHO, one of the best sounding 90s rock records from a recording standpoint.

RIP Chris


My good friend just released his first album


I think it’s so cool/cute that his brother comes over to his place to patch synths together.


Lately I’ve been rediscovering the krautrock scene. First started listening many years ago, but just listened to Ashra’s Blackouts which has sent me spiraling back into it all. Cluster, Harmonia, Neu!, Michael Rother solo… so many amazing albums


!!! @makingthenoise this is great.



Thanks! It’s on my new album https://theleap.bandcamp.com/album/i-am-android-ama

Visuals were made in Processing with help from a fiend who was obsessing over Lissajous plots


@badkidstothefront, bringing the good noise. excellent stuff, drew! really looking forward to your modular work.


@Dan_Derks Oh wow thank you! Was certainly not expecting to see my own work on this thread :smile: and that song actually features one of the first recordings I ever did with my modular! It’s just the sound of a Noise Reap LFO, Expert Sleepers Disting and Make Noise Function working together for some FM oscillations. Next album, as well as my solo work, is setting up to feature the modular much more heavily :slight_smile:


I was listening to The Highest Flood on repeat for a good bit of last week. Very good stuff.