What are you listening to?



it’s sounding very Terry Reilly, La Monte Young. Diggin it.


Came home from camping with students to find this on my door step :slight_smile: Another exceptional Nada release.


It was definitely worth the wait!
My favourite track (so far anyway).


I found it physically impossible to not get up and dance to this new Moonchild track


Not “listening” but spotted @chapelierfou poster in la bobine in grenoble


Haha ! Those posters !!!


steve roden box sets from Sonoris



Steve is so prolific!


So excited about the Aphex Twin concert at Field Day this Saturday!!!


Old School vibes. Loving it tbh.

And to be fair, they released it free…


Thanks for that! Just ordered.

What am I listening to at the moment?



Really enjoying Thor’s work:


I hope this livestream wil work tonight!


This has been in heavy rotation since the weather warmed up. Lots of guitar, field recordings, and crackles:



Modular Diary is a good one! Did interview him last year and he’s a pretty nice guy. Also saw him live at Superbooth.


Yeah I was reading your blogpost :slight_smile:




I’m really into Keith Fullerton Whitman last couple weeks. Here is a nice interview + tracks thing on radiopanik