What are you listening to?





Felicia Atkinson


Ok one more KFW because it’s just brilliant


Ordered this and super excited to check it out. I always hold my Experimedia order for a sizable box to accumulate, so it may be awhile still though.



great field recording of chldrens music school.



All Shall Be Well is on heavy rotation rolling into the start of summer.


:island: :relieved: :tropical_drink:



I’ve been listening to the upcoming Porter Ricks record… they broke a 17-year silence with an EP last year and now their third album is out at the end of the month.

Crazy in the world of techno to go away for so long and then come back with something so worthwhile, IMO. I guess they were always pretty damn fringe.

More interesting than the return of Slowdive and Ride, though for the sake of teenage me I had to listen to those as well. :slight_smile:


very nice for my ears




just preordered this. sound beautiful.





Always love Fovea Hex :slight_smile:


I’ve been listening to a lot of City Pop lately!


New Impetuous Ritual is fire:


actually said aloud to myself, i bet i can not dance. 6 seconds into it started clapping and shouting.