What are you listening to?



Heard this for the first time this morning and was like, “!!!” Have listened to it ~10x since.


Been adjusting to going back to work after summer holidays. So that means…

I miss Iron Monkey. RIP Johnny Morrow :cry:


New Grizzly Bear. Really loving this track and the accompanying visuals.




’a heart is a heavy burden


Juana Molina - Halo (2017)

I just saw her recently live in Santiago. Amazing record, well crafted, heartfelt, great, inspiring live experience.


You’re so lucky, I dream of seeing her live she’s such a wonderful artist, so many incredible albums I couldn’t actually pick one. Cool to know she’s also interesting on stage!


First post. (Hi there.)

I’m currently into the new Lutto Lento LP on where to now?. For me, it reminds me of, but doesn’t really sounds like, one of those excellent planet mu releases I thoroughly enjoyed during the 00’s. Also has a very distinct UK vibe.

The latest tape on the Hamburg label VIS is also a favorite as of late. In my opinion, all releases on VIS are highly relevant. Such a beautiful, diverse output, done in the right spirit.

The reissue of Knud Viktor’s field recordings/sound art/ambient works “ambiances/images” on dansk lydarkæologi is stunning. Recorded in the hills of south France during the early seventies, it gives a telling example of the concept of sound ecology. And it just sounds great!



A slightly random conversation with a friend of mine led me to stumble across this performance.




stuck on this. rose cherami. really beautiful hiphop/ noise/ texture. like a mix between matthewdavid / odd nosdam / death grips




Been on an 80s Japanese poppy/new wave binge of late…and youtube keeps recommending some real gold

this ones reminds my alot of kate bush the whole album Beauty is great.

And Hayase yukako just hits it exactly where I want


I went way back in Indonesian time… I liked this song so much that I made a cover of it :wink:


Oh, nice! I’ve listened to these girls a lot many years ago. This is a great reminder to revisit their tuney.


I hope this doesn’t come off as advertising as this album will be released on my label. But I have been listening to Worms & Bugs for months now and am just super happy to finally be able to share their music.

It has such a charming, naive aura, that just makes me smile whenever I hear it. Maybe you feel the same.