What are you listening to?



Today has been a Portishead day for me.


(hello !)
thanks for the Knud Viktor’s reissue


King Tubby kinda mood :sunny:


I totally relate to this song:


have you checked out hiroshi satoh? this whole album is fire


and @Sea_Vii you all are getting me worked up with these awesome tracks!


Came across lovely ambience recently. “Near The Parenthesis” is the composer/musician. iTunes has a number of release, plus they have a website. I recommend.


ah noicee…nah havnt heard this…ya digging this production…tight and contained sound…some nice trax on this alb


After reading about the Berlin Atonal festival on Fact Mag’s website the other day, I’ve been slowing combining through the artists. Really enjoying Pact Infernal this morning. Good dark stuff… largely on the ambient side of things, but with some beat-driven stuff too. https://pactinfernal.bandcamp.com/

Edit #1: Upon more listening, definitely largely beat driven, I guess, but in a way that still makes me want to categorize them as ambient. :slight_smile: Sort of like a lot of Demdike Stare/etc.

Edit #2: Also they used the term “ritual ambient” in the description of Pact Infernal on the festival website, and it wraps up so much of what I’m into these days into this neat little package. I kind of don’t want to explore what music is already lumped into that genre as just the name evokes so much great imagery for me.





The latest BJ Nilsen release on Editions Mego, “Massif Trophies”.


I absolutely love Rosy Parlane


So pumped. It’ll hopefully be here tomorrow along with a few other gems I’ve been waiting on. Bellows, Kassel Jaeger, Felicia Atkinson’s new one…


Been getting into dub this week. This one pushes the envelope…



still sounds fresh



Caoimhn Breathnach - The Golden Cassette

Lo-fi outsider electronic music from Caoimhin Breathnach. Strange, dreamy, unsettling and totally wonderful.

Followed up with:

Two Pieces for a Temporary Connection by Karl Fousek which is really just lush and lovely and joyful.


had a beer and really enjoying this now