What are you listening to?





Heading to Jazz Fest in Detroit to see Esperanza Spalding and Kamasi Washington. Very excited.


Today I’m listening to

I found this reading a post here which was an interesting discussion



oh man what a song! what an album!

Cheers to Eternity!


Just came across Else Marie Pade.

Her biography is pretty amazing…


I am following her on youtube and just found this in my stream there - the video reminded me nicely of the Grzimek / Sielmann animal documentaries from the 60’s I watched at the cinema over the last weeks:


Laura Palmer screeming at the end of that episode last night


Haaa! Good one. I like the stringy guitar solo.


Thanks for posting this is was really cool.


This one. Wow!

Edit: Found a short article/interview with Mogard.


Just came home from hearing this piece from 1960/61 being performed live:
140 musicians on stage, and the 91-year old composer was there as well. Awesome!


this is amazing - thank you



such a sad day… DACA, Irma, fires all over the west coast (woke up to thick smoke covering Vancouver again). Holger Czukay has passed away.
Listening to one of my favorite works, here with David Sylvian


hey, just played a show with this fella a couple months back! great performance and very kind



May have listened to the everything on each of these channels yesterday.


Not sure if they are on this forum, but Lightbath is dope. I just listened to this video, which might be my favorite modular perfomance I’ve seen.


The trilogy of albums from Tago Mago to Future Days were a huge inspiration to me. Thank you for all the great music.


@Jonathan_Riley @jwudel - Bryan is definitely around these here as @fourhexagons . I love his work too. :slight_smile: